Buying One Wold Holdings (OWOO) Was A Prettie Good Idea

OWOO StockThe final trading week of August looks to kick off in the deep red with penny stocks on the OTC your only source of seeing a ticker rise.  The focus for some, like trading.jeff (@trading_jeff), will be One World Holdings Inc. (OTC PINK: OWOO), makers of collection of fashion play dolls known as The Prettie Girls!, whose trigger to buy was when they filed their 10Q back on August 14.  With the week following their Q filing being filled with nothing but bullish news and updates, the chances of seeing OWOO stock hit and close above 0.01 this week are as likely as the DOW, NASDAQ and S&P 500 closing red.

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With what started 5 years ago by Trent T. Daniel and Stacey McBride-Irby, The One World Doll Project is about to become as real as Barbie and investors are, once again, profiting from their belief that co-founder McBride-Irby, a former Mattel designer most notably known as creator of the So In Style dolls (the first African-American dolls by Mattel), could get the Prettie Girls! on shelves.  “Prettie”, standing for P(ositive) R(espectful) E(nthusiastic) T(ruthful) T(alented) I(nspiring) E(xcellent), is very much a superb way to describe the product line which sets new, higher, values-based standards for beauty- positive goals that reach across the globe and up for the stars, but the Q filed for the three months ended June 30, 2015 was anything but Prettie!.

For the 3 and 6 months ended June 30, 2015, sales for One World Holdings were a measly $833 and $1,572, respectively, compared to $26,875 and $29,168 for the same respective periods the year prior.  A bright note following the negative gross margin for the periods was how selling, general and administrative costs fell by over $2 million for the three months ended June 30, 2015 versus 2014, but that was a small bobby prize for the bottom line when sales averaged less than $300 a month during the period.  The lack of any cash on hand at the end of the period ultimately means that more notes will need to be issued in order to afford to continue operations.

Since sales matter less than news when dealing with penny stocks, OWOO became a buy after the filing when shares failed to fall below 0.0036 as traders focused more on two announcements made by One World Holdings prior to the filing.  Having already addressed shareholders in July with a Q&A about the company share structure and concerns of aggressive selling into the market over the last few weeks, the August 6 news of its first licensing deal for the Prettie Girls! brand with The TPM Group Limited, a Houston based manufacturer of branded children’s clothing products, is really when accumulation under 0.004 was the trade to make.

In the past week, shares of OWOO stock saw volume begin to taper off in terms of announcement dates with few believers willing to play the ticker without a full understanding of what really could come from that TPM Group deal.  As soon as news hit on Wednesday that pre-production on the pilot episode of The Prettie Girls! Tween Scene cartoon series and complete production of the first eleven episodes of the series expected to be completed by end of year, the $855,000 pre-orders by suddenly began to make more cents.

Thursday and Friday proved to be pivotal trading sessions as OWOO stock saw dollar volume of $79,099 and $197,816, respectively, as shares rose from as low as 0.0039 to as high as 0.0079, a 102% jump.  With the 52 week high of 0.023 still far off, how the 367,134,423 outstanding shares (as of August 14) are traded this week will make the difference regarding seeing copper or 2-for-$0.01.

As of June 30, One World Holdings had short-term notes payable to certain individuals or companies totaling $563,828 and, subsequent to June 30, 28,972,334 shares of OWOO stock was issued for debt conversions of $35,100 principal and $2,926 accrued interest payable (roughly $0.0013 per share).  With volume Friday, 28,462,800, almost equal to the shares issued, the move past 0.01 may actually be achievable and would be a Prettie good return for those who bought under 0.004..

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