CBDS | Ultra Sun Corp. Changes Name To Cannabis Sativa Inc.

MMWhen oh when will the penny stock of the newly renamed Cannabis Sativa, Inc. (CBDS) begin to trade? Since tanning beds were only a front for Ultra Sun Corporation and the reverse merger with Wild Earth Naturals, Inc. has already transpired, will David Tobias and Sadia Barrameda, the majority shareholder of CBDS stock bring a new ticker to marijuana stock lovers? Since the ink is still drying on the PRE 14C filed Thursday, and the website doesn’t appear to yet be developed, expecting the unexpected, a forward split, looks like it will be the trigger pulling event when the sheep flock to what is still an unknown venture.

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CBDS Stock Quote

Market Cap: 5.56M
Last (August 29): 0.71
Authorized: 45,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 7,825,000

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Almost 2 months ago to the day, Ultra Sun Corp. reverse merged with Wild Earth Naturals, Inc., a development stage company focused on herbal skin care products. It first appeared that the plans wold simply be to break into the growing natural health care product market in the U.S. and abroad, but that all seems to have taken a turn in the road.

Last week, the SEC filing indicated the closely held companies intentions to change heir name to Cannabis Sativa Inc. but left no clues as to what direction of the marijuana industry the company would be heading into. Wild Earth was supposed to develop and manufacture high-quality, herbal based skin care products providing healthier choices to consumers. Could it be that Cannabis Sativa is going to produce some form of topical cream like Cannabis Science does to help fight skin cancer?

At 0.71 a share and having had only 1 trading session on record for the year, calling out CBDS as a penny stock to watch is extremely early. However, considering how every single other OTC listed company has performed that has even mentioned the words “cannabis” or “marijuana” within any of their filings or PR, knowing about CBDS stock well ahead of the pack could bring that buzz that’s needed to recover from the way this month has been so far – the month hat is supposed to have kicked off the 2nd most exciting and profitable season for penny stock trading.

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About CBDS Stock

Cannabis Sativa, Inc. is soon to be he new name of the public entity fka Ultra Sun Corporation (USUN).

Click here to view the SEC filings for CBDS.
Click here to view the website for Cannabis Sativa.

Trading History:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
08/29/13 0.7100 0.7100 0.7100 0.7100 unch unch 400


Bottom Line:

If you know penny stocks, then yo know you can never be too early when it comes to a marijuana stock like CBDS. One would think that a forward split is due to come before anyone can get a piece of the action, but it is not a requirement. Some tremendous low floaters like GRLT have come forth and brought some game changing gains to early traders so keep an eye out on CBDS sock.

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