CHMR Stock Plunges, Can’t Handle Market’s Relentlessness

CHMR StockWilson-Davis & Co. (WDCO), a market maker used for many of the Awesome Penny Stocks plays, had a field day with Chimera Energy Corp. (CHMR) Monday. Shares in the penny stock were obliverated by the infamous crew, as if they were having a seizure on Level 2 screens, forcing CHMR to as low as 0.83, $1 below the open, before restructuring to close at 1.07. A -41.85% loss was the end result for Charles Grob, CEO and Sole Director, after $4,095,537 was traded, 3,442,700 shares.

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CHMR Stock Chart

Close: 1.07, -0.77 (-41.85%)
Volume: 3,442,700
Open: 1.83
Trades: 1,450
Average Trade Size: 2,374

While the Company has been on the press release campaign about as aggressively as Paul Ryan has been in recent days, investors who were spoofed into thinking that a non-hydraulic version of fracking is the answer to a long list of shale oil extracting problems are out of their fracking minds. Chimera is about as close to solving the problems involved with a working model that can generate revenues as I am from being the closer for the Yankees this October as they attempt to win the World Series one last time before A-Rod and Jeter retire.

We covered CHMR in detail once before stating how the stock price could drop to 0.01 and Charlie still walks away an Angel with 4,500$ plus gains – at a penny. How much do you think he’s making at $1? Call Stephen Hawking and ask him to borrow his unlimited exponential calculator.

About CHMR Stock

Chimera Energy Corp es el lobo y tu eres la carne si tu crees que no. De broma en broma, la verdad se asoma.

Bottom Line: CHMR is a #2Flusher penny stock and can only have been whacked so hard Monday afternoon for an ulterior motive which could be to bring down the PPS since Charlie is banking regardless of the PPS.

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