CHMR Stock Can Go To A Penny And Grob Makes 4,508%

With ads that are running on most major websites, including even the Wall Street Journal, the Chimera Energy Corp. (CHMR) pump is in full swing. CHMR stock has been trading a few hundred thousand dollars worth each day now for a little more than a week and looking to switch into high gear with a fluff press release about their non-hydraulic shale oil extraction process.

We couldn’t find anything on CIOEC anywhere, even in Cantonese. Regardless of if Google is wrong and never indexed China Inland Oil Exploration Company except for the PR, Charlie is banking, as are others, with their 66 million shares at 0.00375 per share, some as low as 0.000217. That’s a 4,508% gain for Grob on his 26 million shares if CHMR stock price is 0.01.

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CHMR Stock Chart

Current Price: $1.46
Share Volume: 116,600
Dollar Volume: $169,828
Shares Authorized: 100,000,000
Shares Outstanding: 66,000,000 a/o July 12, 2012

30 Day Percent Change: 940%
30 Day Moving Average: 0.53
30 Day Average Volume: 51,434

Since August 22, 2011, and after Chimera filed its S-1 on October 20th of last year, Chimera Energy’s sole officer and director, Charles Grob, has been readying the day for when CHMR stock would trade after paying just 0.001 per share. (see here, pg 23) Grob purchased 10,000,000 shares on August 22, 2011 for $10,000 and another 1,500,000 on May 25th for compensation . So that’s 11,500,000 that Grob owned as of May 31, 2012. Factor in the June 26th 4:1 forward split, and Grob’s 11.5 million shares are now 46 million shares and cost just $10,000, a basis of just 0.000217.

Add the other 5 million shares that were issued January 2012 for $75,000, 0.015 per share, factor in the 4:1 forward split, and you got 20 million shares with a basis of 0.00375. Add together Grob’s 46 million shares and this 20, and there’s your 66 million shares of CHMR stock outstanding as of July 12, 2012 with a total of $85,000 cash invested in them.

With direct ties to the other $1 penny stock pump of Nova Mining Corp. (NVMN), CHMR has click ads and webvertisements placed on various financial websites including iHub, the Wall Street Journal, and a very brash and bold move, With three days of press releases focused on the benefits of hydraulic fracking as compared to water based fracking, Chimera is pumping alright, but it isn’t any product.

Add the fact that revenues were $25,000 from August, 2011 to May 31, 2012, this new agreement with China Inland Oil Exploration Company, aka CIOEC, isn’t worth the kernels it occupies on the internet.

About CHMR Stock

Chimera Energy Corp., a Houston based energy company, was incorporated in Nevada on August 5, 2011. The Company’s current business supplies equipment and components that are used in the exploration and production of oil and gas.  In addition to their present business line, Chimera intends to develop additional product lines to become a diversified equipment company.

Bottom Line: The penny stock pump and dump of Chimera Energy Corp., CHMR stock, is in full swing and investor should be very careful with this #2Flusher. Obviously, the low base price Grob and the owners of the other 20 million shares Grob doesn’t own allows for them to bank huge profits at any price above a penny. If it was this simple to research, and the marketing plan is so blatant and aggressive, have your hand on the rip-cord if you’re owning CHMR stock for a period of longer than a nanosecond.

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