CHMR | The Bells Are Chiming For The End Of Chimera Energy

CHMR Stock, CHMR scam, Chimera EnergyThursday’s “Psycho”tic $57K awareness on the penny stock of Chimera Energy Corp. (CHMR) is the last chance saloon for anyone still holding to get out. Even though CHMR stock has been liquid with a 10-day average of 667,926 shares traded, the PR can only go so far about their non-hydraulic fracking technology before long investors take a big fracking hit to their portfolios. Today’s acknowledgement by AbTech Holdings Inc. (ABHD) being honored with the Third Annual World Shale Oil & Gas Award for Technological Innovator of 2012 for their patented innovative environmental technologies addressing issues of water pollution and contamination further solidifies selling.

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CHMR stock, Chimera Energy, CHMR scam, CHMR pump and dumpCHMR Stock Chart

Market Cap: 35.64M
Last: 0.545, up 0.025 (4.81%)
Volume: 1,796,997
Dollar Volume: $1,019,499
High: 0.60
Low: 0.522
Trades: 715
Average Trade Size: 2,513
Authorized: 100,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 66,000,000

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Since running paid advertisements on the Wall Street Journal ran back in July, just after the 4-for-1 forward split, CHMR stock price rose to a $2 high on August 9th when 1,416,216 shares traded before closing the day at $1.81. The investors from the S-1 filing have been rolling in the cash ever since those ads ran considering they ponied up just $75,000 for 5 million pre-split shares.

After the split, they owned 20,000,000 shares of CHMR stock with a cost basis on those shares went down to just $0.00375.

Do they still own shares in Chimera Energy? It would be hard to resist selling, don’t you think, considering this is what the investment world has been subjected to over the last 3 weeks:

• PEMEX Schedules Chimera Energy Corp Onsite Verification of Chicontepic Wells for End of MonthMarketwire(Thu 8:20AM EDT)
• CHMR’s Non-Hydraulic Extraction Does Not Utilize Radioactive Equipment Like Halliburton Recently LostMarketwire(Wed, Sep 19)
• Hydraulic Fracking Faces New Political Opposition in the U.S. as Mexico Embraces CHMR’s Waterless AlternativeMarketwire(Mon, Sep 17)
• Chimera Energy Corp Sets Up Non-Hydraulic Extraction System Assembly in Poza Rica at Chicontepic BasinMarketwire(Thu, Sep 13)
• Chimera Energy Corp Sets 90-Day Schedule for Non-Hydraulic Extraction Deployment in Chicontepic BasinMarketwire(Tue, Sep 11)
• PEMEX Officials Deliver Logging Reports on Target Wells to Chimera Energy Corp. for Use of Non-Hydraulic ExtractionMarketwire(Mon, Sep 10)
• Hydraulic Fracking Continues to Face Controversy as CHMR Proceeds With System Designed as Safer AlternativeMarketwire(Thu, Sep 6)
• Chimera Energy Corp to Request Consideration for Non-Hydraulic Extraction to Be Excluded From France’s Shale BanMarketwire(Wed, Sep 5)
• New Influential Anti-Hydraulic Fracking Movement Could Be Big Boost for CHMR’s New Non-Hydraulic ExtractionMarketwire(Fri, Aug 31)
• CHMR: Press Reports Mexico Friendly to Non-Hydraulic Extraction While U.S. Hydrocarbon Industry Ties to Research Is QuestionedMarketwire(Thu, Aug 30)

About CHMR Stock

Chimera Energy Corp. is a Houston based energy company, incorporated in the State of Nevada on August 5, 2011, with a fiscal year end of August 31. Their business and registered office is located at 2800 Post Oak Blvd., Suite 4100, Houston, Texas 77056. Their telephone number is 832-390-2334.

Cimera Energy’s current business supplies equipment and components that are used in the exploration and production of oil and gas. In August 2011, the Company capitalized their business operations with a $100,000 note that bears interest at an annual rate of 15% per annum and is due and payable on August 21, 2013, and commenced their operations with the purchase of $30,000 of inventory.

On August 22, 2011, Chimera Energy’s founder, sole officer and director, Charles Grob, purchased 10,000,000 shares of CHMR stock for $10,000 at a price per share of $0.001.

Bottom Line: CHMR has been a pig seller of a penny stock and has muddled in its on slop for one last hurrah today. If you didn’t get a chance to flip it for a few percentage points since the typical “Psycho”tic HOD at 9:31am, put CHMR in the burn bag and send it to the boiler room for incineration.

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