NTEK Stock Gets Pummeled Like Glass Joe From Punch Out

Wishing they were Men Without Hats, traders should have done the “Safety Dance” to NanoTech Entertainment (NTEK) after today’s announcement. An icon in the 80’s as an MTV VJ and host f Headbanger’s Ball, Adam Curry’s Big App Show was said to be the first ever television show the Company launched, available and prominently featured on the Roku IPTV platform. A quick search shows the channel is no longer available (see here) as the sounds of Boy George’s “I’ll Tumble For You” have been the theme song for NTEK stock all day, currently down -56.40% at 0.0109.

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NTEK Stock Chart

Last 0.0109, -0.0141 (-56.40%)
Volume 9,882,723
Open 0.026
High 0.027
Low 0.009

The Pinball Wizards have turned the virtual trading pit into a muddy mosh pit similar to that of a Judas Priest concert. The traders who owned NTEK stock yesterday or bought it at the open got a quick visit from the penny stock trading version of Tanya Harding as their legs got whacked and had to scramble to average themselves out like a “Bat Out Of Hell”. When its all said and done today, the theme song will have switched to Tiffany’s “Could’ve Been” as the Cornholio’s stuck with the baggage of today’s plunge attempt to make themselves a mix-tape to bring back the love in their portfolios.

About NTEK Stock

NanoTech Entertainment is a recently updated filer on the pink sheets that states itself as a technology company focused on all aspects of the entertainment industry.  Said to be structured with three business units, focusing on Gaming, Media & IPTV and Mobile Apps, the company has a unique business model with its claim to a diverse portfolio of products and technology.  NanoTech may claim to be redefining the role of developers and manufacturers in the global market, but it should have stayed a delinquent filer with OTCMarkets to save everyone from today’s dumpage.

Bottom Line: The penny stock of NanoTech Entertainment, NTEK, should be filed between your high school picture of you with a mullet and the wedding photo of Tommy Lee and Heather Locklear. When you announce news about your Company’s first ever TV show on your revolutionary new proprietary technology, make sure it has the AC/DC to carry the electrical current needed to stimulate the PPS.

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