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DPHS Stock, OTC DPHS, DPHS Stock Quote, DPHS scam, Dephasium Corp.Traders who drank the kool-aid that Dephasium Corp. (DPHS) was going to be the next Awesome Penny Stocks pick and were forced to become experts at averaging down might actually be able to break even after today. Plunging from 0.485 when they came out in June to as low as 0.038 just one month later, there hasn’t been much that DPHS stock has done except phase out any profits that may have been made on other trades during the first half of 2013. Having been silent since commenting on their unauthorized listing on the Boerse Berlin Stock Exchange by an unidentified third party, apparently without the approval of the wannabe protectors of electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones, the pump is on in full force today and it’s sell time for the bagholders on this pig.

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Market Cap: 6.20M
Pre-Market: 0.054
Volume: 90,000
Bid: 0.06
Ask: 0.061
Authorized: 500,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 115,164,138
1st Resistance Point: 0.0566
2nd Resistance Point: 0.0593
1st Support Level: 0.05

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We pointed out in our initial coverage of Dephasium how it had been around for some time and had virtually no chance of succeeding with its given business plan. Since then, the Company has been as quiet as a mouse, even on their SEC filings with the last one being the 8K about, effective at the close of business on May 22, 2012, Irma N. Colon-Alonso resigned her position as President, Secretary and Director of the Registrant.

But then again, Dephasium doesn’t need to make any waves on the PR or SEC filing front because every day, we swim in a sea of electromagnetic radiation. From the dishwasher and microwave oven in the kitchen and the clock radio next to your bed, to the cellular phone you hold to your ear-sometimes for hours each day-exposure to electromagnetic radiation is growing and becoming a serious health threat.

The conspiracy theory is the play for DPHS stock and the pitch today s to get traders to see that there’s a huge public health crisis looming from one particular threat: electromagnetic radiation from cellular phones-both the radiation from the handsets and from the tower-based antennas carrying the signals. This is why you must now go out and buy DPHS stock, call your loved ones and tell them you love them, tweet out to your followers that Simon Cowell is going to be an awesome dad, then go see if you can fly from your 17th floor balcony.

About DPHS Stock

Dephasium Corp., after acquiring the ANCILIA patent and trademark from Dephasium, Ltd., a limited partnership organized under the laws of the United Kingdom, is focused on creating an innovative, evolving, fashionable and marketable solution for protecting people’s health from smartphone radiations.

Click here to view the SEC filings for DPHS.
Click here to view the website for Dephasum

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change Volume
08/02/13 0.0540 -0.0020 -3.57% 266,800
08/01/13 0.0560 +0.0030 +5.66% 485,100
07/31/13 0.0530 +0.0010 +1.92% 1,413,700
07/30/13 0.0520 +0.0040 +8.33% 850,600
07/29/13 0.0480 +0.0040 +9.09% 408,900


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Bottom Line:

DPHS is likely to be Done Pumping Horrible Stories about how they can help eliminate the electromagnetic radiation that your cellphone is emitting. Have DPHS stock on your “sell before 11AM” list of penny stocks because that false bottom of support at 0.05 could drop out at any moment creating a bad way to be forced to learn how to average down to break even.

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