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GCEIIt’s On Like Donkey Kong! So far, 2013 has been better than exciting with over 95% of our website alerts hitting from 41% to as much as 2,680% over the course of just two days. Today, subscribers got the jump by having Global Clean Energy, Inc. (GCEI) on their radar screens for an explosive chance for triple digit gains. If you haven’t seen what’s going on with GCEI in the last few months, push the rock off from on top of you and have a good look at why 340% potential is in store for this clean energy stock.

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GCEI Stock Chart

Market Cap: 2.39M
Last: 0.0355  0.0006 (1.72%)
Volume: 1,439,900
Dollar Volume: $51,504
Open: 0.032
High: 0.04
Low: 0.032
Trades: 68
Authorized: 500,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 67,415,721
14-Day Rel Strength: 59.95%
14-Day Stochastic: 75.00%

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The guys at GCEI have been hard at work putting together a package that will deliver the biggest bang for the buck in an industry that is only getting bigger year in and year out. Since they proved their system both works and is cost efficient, the testing phase had that “quiet period” before the commercialization phase, the NOW, was able to begin and its all happening according to plan.

Back in October, The Company received its first money deal, a $1 million line of credit. They were able to take it and grab a supplier for jathropa, a plant which is contains compounds that are highly toxic and noted by  Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) in 2007 as one of the best candidates for future biodiesel production. They also teamed up recently with Steven R. Mann, CEO and President of MicroEnergies, LLC, both entering into a JVA and namng him  Chief Development Officer.

We pick stocks better than Goldman, but we wont dispute their decision of calling jathropa an excellent candidate for biodiesel producers. A plus $0.40 stock before taking a step back to restructure their plan on how to best take their proven gasification design forward, take a look at what GCEI has done in the past 5 months:

Global Clean Energy Headlines

Begins Trading on OTC Markets (Mon, Aug 27)
Updates Progress and Future Plans (Thu, Aug 30)
Has Commenced Development of a 15-20 Ton per Day Gasification System (Mon, Sep 10)
Establishes Government Grants Division (Wed, Sep 19)
In Final Negotiations to Acquire Material Handling Company (Mon, Sep 24)
Jatropha Business Plan Calls for Job Creation (Wed, Sep 26)
Continues Its Algae Development Projects (Mon, Oct 1)
Sets Funding Goals and Grant Application Budget (Wed, Oct 10)
Receives First Funding Commitment (Wed, Oct 24)
Is Excited to Work With the Obama Administration to Achieve Energy Independence (Wed, Nov 7)
Secures Jatropha Supply Commitment (Mon, Nov 12)
Appoints Chief Operating Officer (Thu, Nov 29)
Forms Strategic Alliance With Algae Farm (USA), Inc. (Tue, Dec 4)
Forms Joint Venture With MicroEnergies, LLC (USA) (Tue, Dec 11)
Appoints Chief Development Officer to Management Team (Mon, Jan 28)

What’s next? A cash deal?!? Once they get some form of a cash injection, it’s game on like Donkey Kong! GCEI hit .159 when we first alerted on it and spiked each time afterwards for gains of 30-35% each time. Today we go for the gusto — lets see if it can break past .159 and set a new high!

About GCEI Stock

Global Clean Energy, Inc., a cleantech corporation, develops and markets proprietary technology in waste to energy management. Click here to view the previous SEC filings for GCEI, here for the most recent financial filings, here for the website.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
01/30/13 0.0355 +0.0006 +1.72% 1,439,900
01/29/13 0.0349 +0.0009 +2.65% 1,919,200
01/28/13 0.0340 +0.0030 +9.68% 813,500
01/25/13 0.0310 +0.0060 +24.00% 1,211,300
01/24/13 0.0250 +0.0030 +13.64% 66,000


Bottom Line: GCEI could easily break its Sept. 25th High, a potential upside of 340% plus. Our take on the penny stock of Global Clean Energy Inc. is bullish for a number of reasons: Full Stochastics is headed towards a peaking, RSI is about to break past the 70 mark, volume began picking up since Friday, and the AimHigh Subscribers could easily cause a “frenzy” on GCEI forcing the rest of the OTC trollers to follow the beat of their drum.

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