GTCP | Can Georgetown Corp. Beat NSRS Or SNPK Gains?

GTCP Scam, GTCP alertsIt’s “Go Time” for Georgetown Corp. (GTCP) after announcing a half million dollar order through its wholly-owned subsidiary Synergy Oil Tool & Supply LLC. GTCP stock, currently priced at 0.25, has remained deadly silent for months now as anticipation builds for what is set to be the biggest stock run summer traders have been waiting for.

If you don’t already have GTCP n you list of penny stocks to watch for a long play – do it now.

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GTCP Stock Structure

Market Cap: 85.00M
Authorized Shares: 700,000,000
Shares Outstanding: 340,000,000
Float: Float? The GTCP scam has no limits

The deal was for to ship 427 joints of premium 4″ XT-39™ Drill Pipe, related subs, & handling tools totaling $447,778. As if one person out there in penny stock land really knows what a 4″ XT-39™ Drill Pipe is, they do however see $447,778. This deal brings GTCP revenue total since Mackie Barch sold it off to D. Melvin Swanson over $550,000.

Their Q is filed and all that is needed for Georgetown Corp. to follow in the footsteps North Springs Resources (NSRS) and Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK) is that initial volume surge and banner confirmation.

About GTCP Stock

Georgetown Corporation, through its subsidiaries, is a provider of oilfield services and equipment to independent and major oilfield companies in exploration, production and development of oil and gas properties, domestically and in selected international markets. The Company plans to continue its growth organically, search for new acquisitions, and expand geographically.

Click here to view the SEC filings for GTCP.

Bottom Line: GTCP has been at the top of the list of penny stocks that could be, and likely is, the next Awesome Penny Stocks pick for a one-month plus run. At 0.25 and with almost no front loaders, GTCP stock price is likely to break $1 before the end of August.

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