GTCP | Could Georgetown Be A Victory Mark for Traders?

GTCP Scam, GTCP alerts, GTCP StockShares in the penny stock of the APS connected Georgetown Corp. (GTCP) have been as dormant as summer time traders having been surpassed for the Tropine 3 pump. Since announcing their initial sale of products through their subsidiary, Synergy Oil Tool and Supply, GTCP stock began to be acquired by traders looking to get a head start reaching as high as 0.48. Shares in the soon to be penny stock alert are currently -0.305 less than their June high.

It’s time to get GTCP stock on your radar screens again. With two announced sales and the newly formed Synergy Services USA, LLC for services to oil and gas producers, it may not be a far stretch to see the new APS, Victory Mark, call on Harry Lappa, sole director of North Springs Resources (NSRS), for advice since they also have headed into the oil business.

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GTCP, GTCP Stock, GTCP Alert, GTCP ScamGTCP Stock Chart

Market Cap: $68,782,000 a/o Sep 06, 2012
Last 12:35PM: 0.1751, down -0.0272 (-13.45%)
Volume: 4,247
52 week High: 0.90
52 week Low: 0.1751
Trades: 1
Authorized: 700,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 340,000,000

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After having masked as best as possible that Mackie Barch, President and CEO of the spring’s best ump and dump, Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK) was the sole director of Georgetown Corp., the newly formed Synergy Services USA, LLC as a wholly-owned subsidiary is an obvious sign that something is about to take place on GTCP. Victory Mark, the real APS, could take this fully controlled company and spin doctor PR after PR on services to oil and gas producers in North America and the gulf of Mexico related to the ongoing servicing of producing wells and new drilling activity.

According to their PR, Synergy intends to provide a broad range of oilfield services to both local and international markets, including services to assist with the drilling, completion and production phases of oil and natural gas wells. See, they are already pushing themselves away from the corporate name so that investors will look at them as the subsidiary, the same slide of hand trick that they did with Great Wall Builders (GWBU).

According to GBI Research, the global market for oil field services is expected to become a $200 billion Industry by 2015. According to previous dollar volume calculations, a good APS pump can generate roughly 0.50% of that number, $1 billion, in dollar volume trading activity over the course of a good pump. (see here)

About GTCP Stock

Georgetown Corp., through its subsidiaries, is a provider of oilfield services and equipment to independent and major oilfield companies in exploration, production and development of oil and gas properties, domestically and in selected international markets.

The newly formed subsidiary plans to sell and service a full range of products including drill pipe, casing and tubing as well as provide multi-stage fracturing services, non-destructive testing services and rental equipment. It also has the intention of providing offshore and onshore Intensive Comprehensive Managing Maintenance Programs with the ability to manufacture and remanufacture drilling, production and wellhead equipment for the purpose of providing support for the completion and production of all oil & gas wells that range between 1,000 – 30,000 feet.

Bottom Line: Get GTCP on your list of penny stocks to watch. This very well could be the Victory Mark promo traders are anticipating. furthermore, from a well orchestrated destruction of the integrity (used loosely) of both APS and TBX with VLNX, PRTN and VKMD, GTCP could lead traders out of the depths of depression and into the church of OTC.

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