Is IMD Companies (ICBU) Really A Marijuana Stock?

ICBU Stock, IMD Companies, Marijuana Stocks, Pot StocksThe penny stock of IMD Companies, Inc. (ICBU) has been a pretty poor performer despite their intentions to acquire companies in the Medical Marijuana Sector. Sure, the 300% increase since the start of the year is nothing to turn your back to, but the health and fitness nutraceutical still hopes traders without much sense will be willing to throw a dart which costs only 4 cents to try to win a prize at their pot carnival booth. If all they can do to hype up ICBU stock is to re-launch to appeal to buyers of legal Marijuana who want access to reliable Marijuana information on products and services, perhaps its best to just throw in the bag before one actually gets stuck holding it.

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ICBU Stock Quote

Market Cap: 6.94M
Last: 0.043 ▼ -0.002 (-4.44%)
Volume: 3,009,274
Dollar Volume: $131,960
Open: 0.0499
High: 0.05
Low: 0.04
Trades: 133
Authorized: 700,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 161,405,162
14-Day Rel Strength: 64.87%
1st Resistance Point: 0.0487
1st Support Level: 0.0387

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We could point out how, prior to December 11, IMD Companies was not current filers with the OTC and had a big fat “Yield” sign next to them. We could point out how the $1,028,220.32 worth of debt on the companies books as of September 30, 2013 is likely to have been converted into tradeable shares making ICBU stock even less attractive.

However, IMD Companies just announced that they formed a partnership with Anything Technologies Media Inc. (EXMT) by acquiring 51% interest in R-Quest Hydroponics, Inc. Here’s another non-marijuana related Company (they try to do multi-media digital applications, production, and marketing) who also recently became current filers and decided, back in September, to include “marijuana” in their business plan.

The chart and volume for ICBU stock proves that it’s nothing more than a coat tail rider in the storm which is legalized cannabis sales in Colorado. 100 million restricted common shares of ICBU stock were issued to Anything Technologies Media Inc. in the deal, but look at IMD Companies filings and see how many millions of similar “restricted common shares” have been issued since 2010.

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About ICBU Stock

IMD Companies, Inc., is a pinksheet listed, development stage company engaged in the medical diagnostics and health and fitness industries.

Click here to view the financial filings for ICBU.
Click here to view the website for IMD Companies.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
01/28/14 0.0499 0.0500 0.0400 0.0430 -0.0020 -4.44% 3,009,200
01/27/14 0.0450 0.0450 0.0330 0.0450 +0.0108 +31.58% 5,263,700
01/24/14 0.0285 0.0350 0.0280 0.0342 +0.0057 +20.00% 2,735,900
01/23/14 0.0280 0.0295 0.0251 0.0285 +0.0026 +10.04% 2,766,800
01/22/14 0.0282 0.0300 0.0230 0.0259 -0.0011 -4.07% 2,818,000


Bottom Line:

In one week, the 52 week high for ICBU, 0.078, will disappear unless some of those restricted shareholders who have converted their shares to free trading can lay off dumping them into today’s promo. Pretty much all the marijuana related penny stocks took a turn for the worst yesterday morning so a gap and trap open could be in the future for ICBU stock – good for holders, bad for new buyers.

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