NPWZ Stock | Upcoming Delivery Could Mean Blue Skies

Defense contractor affiliated penny stocks are excellent plays when they issue news which is why Neah Power Systems Inc. (NPWZ) is on the $500 watch list. Planning to change their name to NewPower, authorize more stock, and based on their initial contract for one 25-Watt Powerchip™ fuel cell to a Fortune 150 defense supplier, NPWZ stock should see a pop here in the next two weeks when the delivery is set to take place. When the announcement broke, the penny shares popped 188% and could possibly repeat after spending some time recently with MoneyTV’s Donald Baillargeon.

Could it be Boeing again involved with NPWZ and cause for a record volume and PPS surge? They spoke last October along these lines. (see here)

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NPWZ Stock Chart

Friday Close: 0.0135 (Get Quote)
500,000,000 (see below)
316,633,589 as of May 1

The unnamed Fortune 150 defense supplier is said to be U.S. based with a large defense entity in India who the Company discussed licensing their technology to for production and use for India military applications. According to the CEO of NPWZ, Dr. Chris D’Couto, they are testing the Powerchip™ fuel cell which could support the prospective client’s product lines: soldier power units, remote power stations, and have the ability to power unmanned underwater and aerial vehicles. That’s some pretty cool James Bond “Moonraker” kind of technology. D’Couto also states that payment would be due 15 days after delivery which means pop one on confirmation of the delivery and pop two on receipt of payment.

With proxy statements issued to increase the number of authorized shares from 500 million to 1.8 billion, acquisitions are obviously the plan after a favorable first sale. That makes a lot of sense since they appointed John R. Toedtman to their BoD who is currently seated at Griffin Securities and said to have held senior management roles ranging from a Fortune 100 company, Engelhard, to five entrepreneurial companies in the medical device, generic drug and healthcare IT sectors.

Not to go too far off topic, but a quick search shows him as the President of GEN/Rx, Inc. and each of its subsidiaries from April 13, 1995 through January 8, 1996. GEN/Rx, Inc. effectively ceased operations in 1996. (see here) Toedtman was not responsible for the company’s closing, but brought in to a sinking ship to work the best deals the street had for the assets of GEN/Rx. Expectations of a similar event based on his recent appointment to NPWZ‘s BoD are as likely as the Seattle Mariners winning the Super Bowl. Get it?

About NPWZ Stock

Neah Power Systems Inc., soon to be NewPower Inc., is a developer of long-lasting, efficient and safe power solutions for the military, transportation, and portable electronics applications engaged in the development and sale of renewable energy solutions using their direct methanol micro fuel cell technology. Neah uses a unique, patented and award winning, silicon-based design for its Powerchip™ micro fuel cells that enable higher power densities, lower cost and compact form-factors also with the ability to perform in can run in aerobic and anaerobic modes. Previous awards issued to Neah Power Systems include the 2012 ZINO Green finalist, the 2010 WTIA finalist, and 2010 Best of What’s New™ Popular Science.

Bottom Line: NPWZ is on the list of penny stocks to watch and should be monitored for dips in the next few days for entry levels. Noting earlier its on the $500 list, volume on a good day caps out at around the $30,000 range which means liquidity for any trade larger than that could force to you hold the shares longer than the pop rocks can fizzle in your mouth unless volume surges. Look for anything above 0.026 as a get out level. Above that is Blue Sky territory.

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