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VMRIPenny stock traders looking to board a ticker that could gain altitude this week may want to focus their attention on Valmie Resources, Inc. (OTC: VMRI).  Hovering above the $3 level, a level which is basically ticker purgatory, the VMRI stock has seen a significant increase in volume since the PR campaign for their V-1 Drone prototype began at the end of March and looks to continue that with some support coming from PennyStockTweets and friends.  Although the data to trade off is nearly six months old, the freshness of the unmanned vehicle topic could be enough to convince some that a launch out of the $3 range could soon be counting down.

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VMRI Stock Quote / Chart

VMRI Stock Chart
Before looking to see how high Valmie Resources can fly, we first take a look back at how, until the quarter ended August 31, 2014, the Company was a mineral exploration company exploring for precious metals, or gold and silver targets with interest in a property, known as the Carico Lake Valley Property, located in Lander County, Nevada.  There were 296,400,000 shares of VMRI stock issued and outstanding then, but on January 16, 2015, the majority shareholder of the Company agreed to cancel 237,360,000 shares which is why there was only 59 million out as of the last SEC filing (November 30, 2014).  Note those shares were issued for cash, $0.00017 per share, back in 2011.

So, shortly after the shares of VMRI stock were cleaned up, the mineral exploration Company entered into a LOI to acquire 100% of Vertitek Inc., a Wyoming corp. engaged in the development of hardware systems and platforms for use in the semi-autonomous unmanned vehicles industry.  The deal was drawn up to allow for 60 days in order to complete their due diligence on Vertitek and negotiate the terms of a definitive acquisition agreement which Valmie announced was completed publicly on March 31 (see here), but had been campaigning on the PR front for a month prior.

Sole executive officer and director, Gerald B. Hammack, is driving each major milestone completed as the Company’s V-1 Drone prototype successfully completed its first flight last week.  The PR issued announced that the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) lifted off from the test site while the engineering team on the ground closely monitored its progress and data stream.

While it was only a test flight, Hammack hopes that the V-1 Drone could be considered one day by those in four key industries which would benefit from UAV usage:

  • Agriculture:  Today, farmers use satellites, manned planes and walking the field to monitor crops. But these traditional methods are time consuming, inefficient and often inaccurate. Valmie’s technology enables farmer operators to exercise greater control over the management of their operations.
  • Oil and Gas:  Risk and data administration are at the forefront of oil and gas exploration, as well as pipeline and rig management. Valmie offers an efficient and precise option for gathering needed data.
  • Insurance:  Valmie’s drone technology produces data on demand so underwriting and claims assessment can be performed faster, more accurately and more reliably.
  • Law Enforcement:  When faced with potentially dangerous situations law enforcement needs as much information about the situation as possible in order to determine a course of action. Valmie’s solutions provide law enforcement with aerial, real-time situational awareness on a non-disruptive basis.

In a nut shell, drones today are what 3-D printers were 3 years ago.  Many believe that this is undoubtedly the way of the future, the only question is whether VMRI is the one of the companies that can sustain the growth period and produce the vehicles needed, assuming this isn’t simply a cash grab before summer.  The Company believes they need roughly $1,500,000 to pay for expenses associated with the continued development of our AIMD platform as well as the development and commercialization of the Vertitek V-1 Drone.

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About VMRI Stock

Valmie Resources Inc. is a a development stage company actively pursuing opportunities for the commercialization of leading edge products and services in the rapidly expanding technology industry.

1001 South Dairy Ashford Suite 100
Houston, TX 77077

Authorized: 750,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 59,040,000

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Chg Volume
04/17/15 3.2200 3.2300 3.0500 3.1800 -0.0180 -0.56% 59,100
04/16/15 3.0700 3.2000 3.0100 3.1980 +0.1190 +3.86% 69,000
04/15/15 3.1700 3.1900 2.9000 3.0790 -0.0910 -2.87% 96,100
04/14/15 3.1600 3.2400 3.1500 3.1700 +0.0200 +0.63% 58,000
04/13/15 3.1600 3.2000 3.1200 3.1500 +0.0100 +0.32% 43,900


Bottom Line:

What makes VMRI one of the penny stocks worth watching is simply the exciting industry surrounding global unmanned aerial vehicles is estimated to reach worldwide spending of $98 billion in the coming years.  Insiders own VMRI stock so cheap that they could crash it to $0.01 and still be making 5,782% for every share sold which makes playing this for anything more than a dip rip risky.

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