Penny Stock Alert: Vidable, Inc. (VIBE), High Volume

Being one of the new penny stocks is just as tough as being one of the new kids at school. Being a new E-Commerce business is an already established and rapidly growing market is just as tough. One penny stock to watch, Vidable Inc. (OTCBB: VIBE.PK) surprised all those investing in penny stocks when volume surged to nearly 3.5 million shares traded on one of the newest pink sheets stocks. Penny stock lists will have VIBE.PK added to it for everyone trading penny stocks in hopes of catching one of the penny stocks on the rise before the price gets too high.

VIBE launched its online classified website in a beta test market in the Big Apple, New York a little more than a month ago. As they say, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. So OTC Bulletin Board listed VIBE, the makers of online video advertisements which allow more access to local businesses and consumers, decided to place ad banners on their video classified site to further generate revenues.  Local businesses and advertising agencies can purchase targeted banner space on which would restaurants advertise in the dining category. Brilliant?

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E-Commerce is growing faster than we can imagine and VIBE is trying to capitalize on that by grabbing whatever market share it can get with the current trends. It literally is a Multi-Billion Dollar industry but the small piece of that pie that VIBE is looking to take with a unique and compelling approach better serves both businesses and its customers. You can get the banner ads on local newspaper websites and you can search for a written review of a business’ products or services, but being able to watch a local video classified ad is a brilliant way for business to get their sales pitch across to a consumer.

VIBE Stock Snap Shot:

Market Cap: 17.61M
Shares Outstanding: 400.21M
Float: 100.20M
U.S. Reporting: SEC Filer
Financials: Audited
Short Interest: 16,126 (Feb 29, 2012)

VIBE recognizes that consumers have become more analytical. There is a much better chance, 85%, that a consumer will buy from a business they have had a chance to interact with in video than by reading a write-up or typical advertisement. Similar to how craigslist focuses on cities, VIBE is launching local video platforms/portals throughout the U.S. and Canada that will give vendors an improved marketing reach, sales conversion, revenue and bottom line profits. Is it a new version of Craigslist combined with YouTube or another bulky website that other social media platforms/portals simply outshine?

VIBE plans to reach 50,000 channels in 2 months which should propel the company’s E-Commerce plans and initiate a revenue stream for VIBE. Currently, VIBE has no revenue as per their most recently filed 10-Q and has only tested their business model. VIBE President Lino Luciani claims that few websites offer the kind of functionality, ease-of-use, and mobile applications that will offer after our complete roll-out. You can get a better overview of their business plan by visiting their website:

Bottom Line: Back on July 1, 2011, VIBE’s Board of Directors’ effectuated a 1:5,000 reverse stock split. Although the penny stock has just over $3,000 worth of audited Assets, investors got hold of VIBE in a big way yesterday when the shares jumped on the board and closed at 0.04 per share. Not sure if the buzz is the fan on the computer or the investors chatting about what price VIBE’s stock is going to open/close at tomorrow, but VIBE was a largely ignored penny stock until yesterday and could be in for a big rally.

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