EXHI | Exlites Holdings International Ex-Laxes On Traders

The trading week is only one day old and already anomalies are shocking the penny stock world. More than 10X the reported float of Exlites Holdings International, Inc. (EXHI), 804,269 shares more than the reported issued and outstanding, traded in a wild session which looked more like a “Psycho-type” chart than anything else. Without any revenues and ties to another “ready to get pumped” pinksheeter, Human Unitec International, Inc. (HMNU), EXHI stock saw more than its deserved amount of attention in the top 10 penny stocks traded.

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Top 10 Penny Stocks Traded

Symbol Price % Change $ Volume Share Volme Trades
MJNA 0.232 +33.72% 7,842,757 37,316,658 2,985
EXHI 0.077 +18.46% 2,263,252 20,804,274 1,726
FNMA 1.48 -1.33% 11,768,551 7,894,642 1,620
XUII 0.063 -36.36% 1,817,295 26,155,157 1,554
CNCT 0.024 +152.63% 862,111 25,068,603 1,208
CERP 0.0241 +35.39% 1,334,133 61,282,766 1,085
FMCC 1.36 -1.45% 4,820,134 3,513,972 845
BLUF 1.49 -16.29% 962,707 670,478 721
HEMP 0.016 +3.23% 788,370 46,217,161 691
ACTC 0.066 -5.58% 1,249,546 18,887,596 682
NNVC 1.32 +13.79% 1,634,986 1,286,770 657

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What is even scarier than the performance witnessed from the $80,000 promo on EXHI today is that Medical Marijuana Inc. (MJNA) is, once again, back in play. Despite the legal milestones marijuana stocks are going to have to overcome before their products can be sold throughout the U.S., MoneyRunners has latched on to the Michael Llamas venture which has created a frenzy on the MJNA stock board.

MJNA closed within fractions of a penny from its HOD: 0.234.

Psycho’s re-pump of China Teletech Holding, Inc. (CNCT) provided much less powder than his original tout back on February 21. Trading int he typical Psycho-like fashion, those in prior to 9:31 and out before 9:40 were the only ones to have any chance of seeing gains worth noting on CNCT stock. It’s a shame because the rechargeable phone cards, cellular phones and accessories focused Chinese company is due to add on to their $9,100,952 of sales reported for the 3 months ended March 31, 2013.

The Bluforest Inc. (BLUF) resurgence lasted all of about 0 seconds after the open with shares of the TBX/BDPS pump bottoming out at 1.16 before average-down trades brought it back up to a respectable level. Not being able to hold a grain of sand to the capabilities Awesome Penny Stocks had with their 3 month plus pump on Xumanii (XUII), BLUF stock is destined for the tubes over the course this week.

In comparison, the whole world knows already that APS is no longer pumping XUII stock which showed as shares of the video streamer set a new low today at 0.058. As every single APS play has done in the past within the week after the banners have been pulled down and alerts stopped going out, is the XUII stock bounce already in effect?

Note: NanoViricides, Inc. (NNVC) set a new 52 week high today at $1.38. Today’s volume was the 3rd highest of the year and the 7th “green” close in the last 8 trading sessions.

About EXHI Stock

Exlites Holdings International Inc. and Ashford Durable Medical Solutions, Inc. are controlled by the same shareholder group, and, therefore, the purchase of Ashford Durable Medical Solutions, Inc. by Exlites Holdings International Inc. is considered to be a combination of entities under common control for accounting purposes.

Click here to view the financial filings for EXHI on OTCMarkets.
Click here to view the website for Exlites.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change Volume
08/12/13 0.0770 +0.0120 +18.46% 20,804,277
08/09/13 0.0650 +0.0050 +8.33% 386,800
08/08/13 0.0600 +0.0050 +9.09% 10,000
08/07/13 0.0550 unch unch 290,000
08/05/13 0.0550 unch unch 40,000


Bottom Line:

It’s still early and already 4 big penny stocks have taken a ton of money of out of the pockets of traders while only a select few of the top 10 traded have offered a real opportunity to make a penny or two. Look for a bounce on XUII stock at some point this week, perhaps at the 0.06 mark, and keep a close eye out on MJNA breaking the 0.30 level before the weekend.

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