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ACCS, ACCS Stock, ACCS Stock Quote, African Copper Corporation,OTC:ACCSTutorials and warnings were issued well ahead of the mid-day crash on the newest penny stock pump from Victory Mark: African Copper Corporation (ACCS). Knowing that the chances of seeing a green close were extremely limited, the close was way too far-sighted for anyone who had anything other than chips of charcoal for lunch to stomach what ensued. Crumbling just shortly after mid-day, excuses or denial of why ACCS stock did what it did are due to come out shortly by the VM trio (SelectPennyStocks, PreferredPennyStocks and HeroPennyStocks, aka PennyStockHeroes) who so confidently, once again, led the sheep to be slaughtered.

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Market Cap: 27.14M
Last: 0.0335 ▼ -0.1015 (-75.19%)
Volume: 106,824,969
Dollar Volume: $14,244,121
Open: 0.148
High: 0.195
Low: 0.03
Trades: 4,594

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Other than being warned to sell out of ACCS prior to the close, anyone watching on their Level 2 screen at the huge changes happening mid day were subjected to a typical Carillo Huettel incubated dump that many have experienced before. Excuses or reasons for what happened will likely be drummed up later on tonight IF any of the Victory Mark sites are courageous enough to even email out to the remaining subscribers.

Stripped of all the acronyms and economist-speak, Carillo Huettel incubations of the past few years have been hit and miss, even with a claimed pick being issued by any of the Awesome Penny Stocks connected sites. Last year, after a long summer off, APS sent their first “Premium Pick”, Vision Plasma Systems (VLNX), out to paid subscribers. Within an hour, all of the sites sent out to the FREE subscribers only to see APS pull the pick shortly after the closing bell due to “leaks.”

All that work to make a dollar, only to have VM steal it from newbie traders on ACCS can only be described in one simple phrase: “IT FCUKING SUCKS!” Not to kick a dead cat across the room, but this is why we frown on traders jumping into APS affiliated picks until day 2 when, at least, there is confirmed support behind their strategy to churn as much stock as possible for up to 40 trading session on a good moving pick.

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Bottom Line:

Expecting a bounce on ACCS is as unlikely as it was on RARS last summer after supposedly fake alerts from Awesome Penny Stocks were issued. If you’re still holding ACCS stock through the close, averaging down is a lot more expensive than to print out the buy order and frame it to be hanged right over the shitter for a friendly reminder prior to the next VM pick.

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