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PINS Stock, PINS Stock Quote, PINS Stock Analysis, Pinacle Enterprise Inc., AlkameHeading into the summer, one of the more attractive new penny stocks we will be looking forward to covering is that of Pinacle Enterprise, Inc. (OTC: PINS). Many know that Marky Mark and Puff Daddy recently launched their own water brand which has been getting rave reviews and a slew of celebrity users caught quenching their thirsts with the new label. Well, PINS stock could see a real “Iron-Man” type showing when it finally closes its deal for its own water brand which appears to already a given for newly appointed officer and director, Robert Eakle.

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Market Cap: 148.40M
Last Trade (April 30): 0.28
Authorized: 900,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 530,000,000
Robert Eakle: 350,000,000

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Alkame Water is the most advanced Micro-Clustered, Alkalized, Antioxidant, Oxygenated bottled water wrapped in environmentally sound packaging that is dedicated to providing the global consumer with superior hydration and function for optimal health at an affordable price. Pinacle Enterprise claimed on their 10-K filed last week that they are expecting to close a deal to acquire this new business in the coming weeks, but it looks like they are well in front of that already.

With some former Dallas Cowboys pictured together with Eakle in the already paid for one year offices of Alkame Water, the Facebook page has been extremely active with one particular box office record breaker seen on set with the product in hand. Photos of cases having been readied for delivery is another plus for speculators who are looking to quench their thirst for some penny stock profits by tracking the moves PINS stock makes since the 100-for-1 split from two months ago.

Before we all go praising Jody M. Walker for helping to incubate PINS two years ago when they were planning to engage in the business of architectural design, architectural animation, 3D modeling as well as Computer-Aided Design (CAD) drafting and conversion services, let’s keep things in check. Some of the hottest penny stocks in the market are often founded in newly floating companies, but some of this biggest losses have also come from beverage oriented penny stocks on the pump.

One of the most recent beverage focused portfolio destroyers was the penny stock of Dethrone Royalty Holdings, Inc. (DRHC) which had a plethora of sports celebrities endorse their product. DRHC stock failed to live up to the hype when it hit the promo circuit which is directly attributable to the pig sellers who were dumping shares onto new buyers without giving a chance for even a bubble of air to surface.

On the contrary, other “Walker” incubated companies have had some real success once their shares hit the market for high volume trading. The most obvious winner of the last 12 months was the penny stock of Preventia, Inc. (PVTA) which TBX came out with back in July, 2012. PVTA stock not only went up from day one, but it has stayed above 0.70 for the better part of the last 10 months as well making PINS stock one that being at the premiere with popcorn in hand and a cool refreshment to get you through the first trading session should be Iron-Manish.

About PINS Stock

Pinacle Enterprise, Inc., as of May 15, 2013, intends to pursue the sale and distribution of the Alkame brand of bottled waters, as well as other various applications for the water treatment technology.

Click here to view the SEC filings for PINS.
Click here to view the website for Pinacle Enterprise.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
04/30/13 0.2800 -0.0700 -20.00% 700
04/04/13 0.3500 +0.0500 +16.67% 1,600
03/28/13 0.3000 +0.0500 +20.00% 2,000
03/27/13 0.2500 +0.2200 +733.33% 20,000
02/26/13 0.0300 +0.0275 +1,100.00% 100,000


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Bottom Line:

Come Monday, make sure to have PINS on the list of new penny stocks to watch. Having a quick glance at the companies Facebook page should give traders an indicator as to what they can expect to hear about PINS stock when Eakle officially closes the deal on Alkame Water.

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