Primed For A Pump: Black River Petroleum Corp. (BRPC)

Penny Stock PromotionAlmost no one had ever heard about the penny stock of Black River Petroleum Corp. (BRPC) until Friday when the name and ticker symbol was changed from American Copper Corp. (AMCU). It has been almost a year since AMCU stock was added to the pre-promotion watch list forcing it to get buried beneath dozens of tickers which have come and gone since then. However, with what we uncovered back in January and what we have put together with some basic common sense, the chances of The Bull Exchange making BRPC stock their cash-grab of next week just became an overwhelming favorite.

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Market Cap: 35.15M
Last (Oct 7th): 0.50
Authorized: 2,475,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 70,300,000
Alexander Stanbury: 36,300,000

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Originally incubated by Weed & Co. LLP as Farmacia Corporation under the sole directorship of Irina Cudina, we threw out, in January, the connections and reasons why the switch over to American Copper Corp. and The Bull Exchange were prevalent enough to force AMCU stock on to he watch list. It actually looked like AMCU was going to do something after, in mid-August, the Company announced the acquisition of the Ridgestake Copper-Gold Project, a copper-gold-silver-molybdenum prospect, located in south-central British Columbia.

Comprised of 7 mineral claims totaling 7,733 acres, American Copper Corp. was set to issue 5,000,000 restricted shares of AMCU stock even though they had already determined to record an impairment charge of $2,500,000 because the property is not revenue producing and the future economic benefits are not substantiated. Go figure: “raising further capital for grass roots metals exploration programs would be extremely challenging and it is difficult to predict when investors’ confidence in these sorts of assets will improve.”

The deal would undoubtedly have had to have been done by issuing shares simply because neither Farmacia, nor American Copper ever did any business and the cash balance as of July 31 was $11,891 thanks to Stansbury having put $148,509 into the shell to keep it current. Then suddenly, on October 17, the whole direction of becoming a copper/gold prospector turned into a black gold prospector with the acquisition of 100% right, title, and interest in certain oil and gas interests from Greg Kraus over at American Land and Exploration Company for $250,000. The property is called the Natchez Trace Prospect, a parcel of 1,840.69 M/L acres in Henderson County Tennessee.

Within the change of direction, American Copper Corp. changed their name and ticker symbol to Black River Petroleum Corp. (BRPC). Now, BRPC stock can get a proper pumping by highlighting how the Natchez Trace Prospect is on the eastern margin of the ancient Reelfoot Rift and the prospective Trenton-Black River and Knox formations whereby there is a potential for thick reservoir units.

As we originally pointed out how Weed & Co. LLP had ties to TBX’s end of 2012 pick,  Livewire Ergogenics, Inc. (LVVV), the connections to other promoted penny stocks were also listed. Adding to the list, Advanced Defense Technologies, Inc. (ADCF), Gold Bag, Inc. (GBGI) which operated as Focus Gold Corp. (FGLD), and AccessKey IP, Inc. (AKYI) all have direct links to either the firm, or Richard O. Weed himself.

With the timing of the ticker symbol change and the direct links to a host of familiar tickers, LVVV being the most obvious, the chances of TBX picking BRPC to pump this week just went up ten-fold.

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About BRPC Stock

Black River Petroleum Corp. is a brand new, development stage company focused on the oil and gas industry.

Click here to view the SEC filings for BRPC.
Click here to view the website for Black River Petroleum.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
10/07/13 0.5000 0.5000 0.5000 0.5000 +0.0500 +11.11% 500
10/02/13 0.4500 0.4500 0.4500 0.4500 unch unch 1,500
09/23/13 0.4500 0.4500 0.4500 0.4500 -0.0500 -10.00% 2,000
09/20/13 0.5200 0.5200 0.4000 0.5000 -0.0200 -3.85% 1,700
09/19/13 0.5200 0.5200 0.5200 0.5200 -0.0400 -7.14% 3,000


Bottom Line:

The chance of seeing BRPC in a penny stock alert this week is very high. However, the chance of seeing gains from BRPC stock, assuming it is picked, is not as good. If there is to be any sort of profit making worth taking a shot on, they would have to drop the price a bit since only hard mail picks like BISN can sustain higher levels with dumb money, not flipper money, that’s being targeted. Just don’t see no Tennessee Tuxedos being put on from this one.

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