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AMCU stock, OTC AMCU, American Copper Corp., Alexander Stanbury,Copper dates back as far as the 5th century BC and was one of the first metals ever known to humans when mining took place in the Tigris-Euphrates valley until Cyprus became the primary source in the ancient world. Alexander Stanbury is looking to continue the quest having recently taken over Farmacia Corp. (FCIA) to create American Copper Corp. (OTC: AMCU). Stanbury’s purchase, 52% of the now AMCU stock outstanding for $40,000, and subsequent 33-for-1 forward split, forces any trader looking to get in front to be on the lookout for that first trade for a number of reasons.

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Market Cap: 2.10M
Last: $ 0.030303
Authorized: 75,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 69,300,000

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Copper is a reddish metal with a face-centered cubic crystalline structure. In the U.S., the primary producer of copper, ores are mined in Arizona, Utah, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, and Michigan. Copper ores can also be found in Chile, Peru, Canada, the Ural mountains in Russia, south central Africa, and, to a limited extent, Europe and the British Isles. Those who know penny stocks are hoping to see green out of AMCU stock like they have on many others Weed & Co. LLP have been so helpful involved with.

In order for American Copper Corp. to become a publicly traded entity, Alexander Stanbury targeted Irina Cudina who was unsuccessful in launching her Kishineu, Moldova based Farmacia Catalogue from Farmacia Corp. With strengths across the fields of business development and consultation, corporate finance and the Natural Resources sector, Stanbury came, saw, and conquered 1.1 million of the 2.1 million pre-split shares outstanding with a whopping $40,000 offer.

After the 33-for-1 forward stock split, Stanbury, President, CEO, Treasurer, CFO, Principal Accounting Officer and sole member of the Board of Directors, owns 36.3 million of the 69.3 million shares outstanding of AMCU stock. For those who don’t have access to a calculator, that means 33 million shares, which had a pre-split cost basis of 0.04, make up the public float. The post-split cost basis is now $0.0012121212.

Why AMCU stock is a target for traders to have on their penny stocks t watch list is all based on history repeating itself. Weed & Co LLP who were the legal eagles for the Famacia Corp. S-1 filing are also connected so to some real winners on the OTC including:

  • Attitude Drinks Incorporated (ATTD)
  • Premier Holding Corp. (PRHL)
  • Livewire Ergogenics, Inc. (LVVV)
  • Focus Gold Corporation (FGLD)
  • Marketing Worldwide Corp (MWWC)
  • ERF Wireless, Inc. (ERFB)

There’s no telling when AMCU stock is going to see some heavy volume trading or be promoted. Seeing how the PPS is just 0.03 right now and LVVV stock just wrapped up a strong run from the Bull Exchange, aka TBX, look for further 8-K filings to indicate where the property claims the American Copper Corp. will eventually issue for a better timeline.

About AMCU Stock

On November 28, 2012, the Company filed a Certificate of Amendment to its Articles of Incorporation to change its name from “Farmacia Corporation.” to “American Copper Corp.” Click here to view the SEC filings for AMCU.

Bottom Line: AMCU is sure to see itself as an upcoming penny stock promotion. When AMCU stock sees significant volume is as soon as the trading activity picks up. If the sarcasm didn’t hit you right between the eyes, i got a flip flop I can throw.

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