PRTN | Hot Flash Friday: Pristine Forgets To Take Tropine 3

PRTN Stock, PRTN Scam, OTC PRTNProving sex sells by getting the name of sexual health expert Dr. Jennifer R. Berman MD involved, Pristine Solutions (PRTN) gained 65.26% since last Friday. The week was relatively mild for momentum until the afternoon session Friday even though Eaton Scientific System, their wholly owned subsidiary, announced claims of a wide-reaching consulting agreement with Dr. Berman on just after the close of trading Thursday. With PRTN stock regaining the top penny stock traded on the OTC and coverage by 2nd Opinion, it changes little in the aspect of risk for the long term of the pumped penny.

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PRTN Stock, Pristine Solutions, Eaton Scientific Systems, Tropine 3PRTN Stock Chart

Market Cap: 205.24M
Close: 0.491, up 0.096 (24.30%)
Volume: 11,156,714
Dollar Volume: $4,923,305
High: 0.491
Low: 0.395
Trades: 1,377
Average Trade Size: 8,102

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According to the PR issued by PRTN, Dr. Berman has agreed to provide Eaton Scientific with her frontline insight into the current state of women’s health care and in particular the menopause, peri-menopause, and post-menopause treatment marketplace. The good doctor apparently has also agreed to be an advocate of Tropine 3, and to organize and participate in select media interviews and other PR, not excluding television, radio, print, etc., advocating the benefits of Tropine 3 as an effective non-hormonal treatment for hot flashes.

It’s interesting that Berman is not quoted, nor are any spokespersons for her, in the PR. Hmmmm.

With TBX waving the white flag after their Viking Minerals (VKMD) failure for traders by issuing, not an apology latter, but a blame and “better luck next time” email, PRTN and their bigger “P” brother, Punchline Resources (PUNL), are the big plays for now. Rumors have it that NightCulture (NGHT) will be a popular pick on Monday and Mexus Gold US (MXSG) could be the next SEFE.

Note: PRTN was issued a Yield sign over the weekend. (see here)

About PRTN Stock Spokesperson

Jennifer R. Berman, MD, is an urologist and an internationally renowned expert and pioneer in the field of female urology and female sexual medicine. In 2001, Dr. Berman co-founded the Female Sexual Medicine Center at UCLA. She serves as director of female urology and sexual medicine at the Rodeo Drive Women’s Health Center and operates the Berman Women’s Wellness Center in Beverly Hills, CA.

In addition to her on going medical practice, Dr. Berman previously co-hosted, with her sister Laura Berman, PhD, the popular television series on Discovery Health Network, Berman and Berman. Considered a leading expert on women’s sexual health, she has appeared on national television, in print, and on radio shows. She appears regularly on Good Morning America and has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN’s Larry King Live, 48 Hours, NBC Nightly News, 20/20, MSNBC, Lifetime Television, America’s Health Network, New York Times Magazine, Newsweek, Fortune and others.

Bottom Line: PRTN is in the position to match, or better, it’s predecessor penny stocks, SNPK and NSRS. With the “Yield” sign recently issued by OTCMarkets to the pumped penny, it questions if action is finally going to be taken on the notorious manipulators. Then again, NSRS ran with the “skull and cross bones”, caveat emptor, designation and never slowed down.

Is it one to buy and go on a 2 month holiday? Sure if you’re happy to return home and sell it for a nickel.

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