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AwesomePennyStocks, Awesome Penny Stocks, Victory MarkIt’s an exciting day on the OTCMarkets for those who chase Awesome Penny Stocks for a living as three of their 2012 picks are listed in the Top 20. Obviously the roller coaster ride on TagLikeMe Corp. (TAGG) is like riding the Gravitron at the local county fair after a couple of corndogs, but seeing how Harry Lappa is reappearing with his North Springs Resources (NSRSE) and actually trading higher than the most recent pump and dump which never really took off; Pristine Solutions’ (PRTN).

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BagLikeMe pulled out all the stops yesterday when they announced the possibility that one of the three top 500 market cap traded companies might be in the market to buy them. If TAGG stock was to get taken over by anyone other than a bunch of greedy bagholders, Steve Jobs, may he rest n peace, would roll over in his grave on this one-year anniversary. TAGG is currently trading up 25.62% at 0.102 with $4,864,820 in dollar volume on 44,625,723 shares traded.

Surprisingly is how South Since The Pump Ended Resources is trading so positively with the big fat “E” added to NSRS ticker symbol. Harry Lappa must have stroke gold when he switched over from gold exploration to oil a few months ago. NSRS is trading up 41.18% today at 0.048 with $74,753 in dollar volume on 1,629,590 shares so far. Could this be the Victory Mark pump pick due out Tuesday next week?

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Pulling up the caboose of the APS dump train is Pristine Solutions who just recently had its plug pulled causing PRTN stock price to plummet. The hot flashes never seemed to come for the botched promo after several fakey’s like VLNX which sent traders riding the Gravitron next to the guy who just puked 30 seconds into the ride. PRTN stock is currently trading at 0.0102, down -27.14% on dollar volume of $366,789 on 34,198,318 shares traded.

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They are hard to find which is why most traders look for a pump and dump to flip rather than look for companies that are trading below their true value.

Bottom Line: Lookout below because TAGG is due to be the next penny stock dump for the group, especially with their bigger brothers, Victory Mark, about to release their follow up to MDMC.

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