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TAGG stock, TagLikeMe, TAGG scam, TAGG pump, pennystocks.comSometime before the end of the week, it would not be surprising to see a total collapse of the new APS penny stock pick TagLikeMe Corp. (TAGG). The email alerts subject lines today naming Microsoft/Facebok/Yahoo as potential suitors are in-line with the obvious dumpage of all the stock that was accessible seeing as how after 40% plus of the outstanding shares traded Tuesday, roughly 22% yesterday, what more can TAGG stock do without support or hype. Ah, perhaps the announcement of Richard Elliot-Square to the position of Chairman and CEO which took place back on August 31st as breaking news.

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TAGG stock, TagLikeMe, TAGG scam, TAGG pump, pennystocks.comTAGG Stock Chart

Market Cap: 28.96M
Close: 0.0875, up 0.0085 (10.76%)
Volume: 73,086,501
Dollar Volume: $6,920,671
High: 0.1161
Low: 0.0830
Trades: 4,071
Average Trade Size: 17,952
Authorized: 333,333,333
Issued and Outstanding: 330,940,630

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The August 31st filed 8-K which details the acquisition of Glob Media states specifically on page 8:

The Company employs three full time contract engineers/software developers. The Company also contracts for certain software development services in Europe.  The Company may also utilize temporary contractors that have previously worked for the Company as required depending on the workload. The Company has its President/Chief Executive Officer/CFO and a member of the Board of Directors, Richard Elliot-Square, on a semi-full time basis. This individual is primarily responsible for all of the Company’s day-to-day operations. Other services may be provided by outsourcing and consultant and special purpose contracts.

Translation: Using this as a PR news to hype up the already totally dumped TAGG pump coupled with subject headlines that Facebook might buy TAGG, Microsoft might buy TAGG, and even Yahoo might buy TAGG is a tell-tale sign that its time to cut out of this #2Flusher and run fr the gills before the valley is full of tears.

About TAGG Stock

TagLikeMe Corp. has not filed patents on any of its proprietary technology developed. The Company may consider filing a patent applications with respect to its system technologies and any novel aspects of its technology to protect its intellectual property.

Future patents, if issued, may be challenged, invalidated or circumvented. Thus, any patent that the Company may own may not provide adequate protection against competitors.

Any patent applications that the Company may file in the future may not result in issued patents. Also, patents may not provide the Company with adequate proprietary protection or advantages against competitors with similar or competing technologies.

As a result of potential conflicts with the proprietary rights of others, the Company may in the future have to prove that it is not infringing the patent rights of others or be required to obtain a license to the patent.

Bottom Line: TAGG is one penny stock to steer clear from after the open. TAGG looked half way decent before it was grabbed by the dump kings and pumped to VLNX levels. Now its just another tragic reason why confidence in good penny stocks is suffering due to the fleecing of the sheep.

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