SWVI | Time To Sell, Swingplane Ventures Due To Be Sharted

SWVI Stock, Swingline Ventures, Awesome Penny Stocks, SWVI scam, $SWVIOn Monday, Angola’s central bank announced that it kept its base rate, the BNA rate, steady at 10%. Geez! However, the 1 or 2 penny stock traders based there saw even bigger percentage gains in just a day by putting their money into Awesome Penny Stocks pump and dump of Swingplane Ventures, Inc. (SWVI). About to enter its 25th trading session since alerts were issued, SWVI stock has been promised to see $2 this week, $10 by next month which are tell tale signs that the coming crash of this wannabe copper miner, as was pointed out in an article hosted by Forbes.com on Monday, is coming — SOON!

Although SWVI stock did touch $1.00 exactly last week before dipping to as low as 0.40 the following day, the recent recovery is a clear indicator that having more money than you can afford to lose in Swingplane Ventures could leave a novice trader terrified of ever trading penny stocks again.

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Market Cap: 337.26M
Last: 0.7753  0.1103 (16.59%)
Volume: 28,307,499
Dollar Volume: $20,488,420
Open: 0.745
High: 0.789
Low: 0.6811
Trades: 4,806
14-Day Rel Strength: 62.83%
14-Day Stochastic: 65.48%

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The end is near for Swingplane Ventures, more so than you true optimists may think. Pumped by Awesome Penny Stocks, SWVI is entering its 25th trading session today, the exact same number of trading sessions Great Wall Builders (GWBU), 6 more than TagLikeMe (TAGG), and just 4 less than both North Spring Resources (NSRS) and Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK).

Forbes hosted an article on Monday (see here) about Swingpane Ventures and Awesome Penny Stocks. Some of the key quotes in the article which are key indicators that the end is near for SWVI stock were:

• Demand for copper is falling, but that is not stopping one company from making bold moves to expand its processing of the metal.

• Last week, it issued a note for investors saying it was aware of the volatility in the trading volume and price of its stock. Company officials are taking issue with a lot of chatter on Internet blogs and chat rooms that they say is not accurate.

• Not everyone has to stomach for over the counter stocks. If you do, you’re encouraged to take a hard look at this one. Some ideas include shorting the stock.

Having been exposed by not penny stock traders, but real traders, expecting to see a massive short attack on SWVI stock could not have been timed better. The affiliate of Awesome Penny Stocks, Victory Mark, is set to issue its newest “Pick of the Year” on Thursday which has most traders already focused on getting in early on what could be their next pick.

Chatter and speculation has three stocks on the radar:

DMH International (DMHI)
BeActive Holdings (JALA)
Unisource Corp. (USRC)

While Swingplane may still continue to push out press like yesterday’s fluff about expectations of significant gold assays, sitting long on SWVI from this point further is about as smart as letting your kindergartner drive you and the family to Florida for Spring Break in Pensacola.

About SWVI Stock

SWVI Stock Crash

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Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
02/25/13 0.7753 +0.1103 +16.59% 28,307,500
02/22/13 0.6650 +0.2350 +54.65% 35,393,199
02/21/13 0.4300 -0.4750 -52.49% 61,120,000
02/20/13 0.9050 +0.0850 +10.37% 27,802,199
02/19/13 0.8200 +0.1350 +19.71% 26,925,801


Bottom Line: Since we initiated coverage on SWVI, it has been a top performing penny stock. With every day SWVI stock trades, the back-splatter continues to build, a risk that no protective wear or trading platform will be able to protect one from since the flow will just be to heavy to try to wipe out a clean exit until its finished.

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