TAGG | Is TagLikeMe Safe To Buy At $0.39? Of Course Not

TAGG stock, TagLikeMe, TAGG scam, TAGG pump, pennystocks.com,Trading Session #20 has now closed on the penny stock of TagLikeMe Corp. (TAGG), the hottest invention since toilet paper was created in the 19th Century. On an incredibly light trading session across the boards, somehow, TAGG stock managed to appear as if the action was almost equal to that of Friday last week. So for all the traders unsure if its safe to be getting in at these levels, think about the stats showing in these terms:  Toilet paper can be one-, two- or three-ply, or even thicker, meaning that it is either a single sheet or multiple sheets placed back-to-back to make it thicker, softer, stronger and more absorbent.

Translation: The double and triple printing of trades has always been a method of fluffing the real numbers. Wait for the defecation of TAGG stock to occur and be ready to go in and wipe up the gains of the dip.

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Market Cap: 129.07M
Close: 0.39, up 0.0745 (23.61%)
Volume: 72,848,621
Dollar Volume: $26,096,180
High: 0.405
Low: 0.324
Trades: 6,530
Average Trade Size: 11,155
Gains Currently Since Our Alert: 333.33%

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Our alert and coverage of TagLikeMe Corp.’s TAGG stock began on September 24, roughly one week before Awesome Penny Stocks and their recently acquired pennystocks.com issued theirs. Since that time, the penny stock has traded well above and beyond our initial expectations. However, witht he APS groupd recent acquisition of the former Peter Leeds owned domain, www.pennystocks.com, the estimated number of visitors to that site who have no clue that they are buying into a pump and dump is reason to restrategize how to play the stock.

Every Awesome Penny Stocks promotion has a huge dump, typically before the 35th trading session. That said, how much room is there to gain by buying TAGG stock at its current level where it simply is churning? Should the pattern continue, as most signatures do, when TAGG breaks its 52 week high, the dump should happen soon after. That’s where savvy players will be positioning themselves for the bounce.

On previous APS promos, the bounce has been worth roughly half the amount the promo was from start to finish. A good example is their last promo, Pristine Solutions (PRTN). When the plug was pulled and after the TAGG promo began, PRTN stock dropped to 0.0067 on October 8th from 0.525 on September 24th. Traders who played the bounce perfectly caught gains of 271% from the 8th to the 10th.

Why play the bounce? Dollar cost averaging. When TAGG tanks, and it will tank, the unsuspected traders involved via www.pennystocks.com,  are likely to chase their cost average down, as would any other APS promotion do for the late entrants. However, the shear volume of traffic and new subscribers that domain generates daily could lead to a bounce so strong that savvy traders might see double and triple bounces along the way lending a chance to quadruple the money made playing TAGG.

About TAGG Stock

TagLikeMe Corp. has seen a ramp up in downloads of its mobile app from the iTunes® App Store since it was released earlier this month. The Company also claims to have commenced development of the mobile Google Android Tablet App of its social search and sharing platform online at TagLikeMe.com.

Click here to view the SEC filings for TAGG.

Note: Nothing has been filed with the SEC since September 28, 2012.

Bottom Line: Playing the penny stock is much more profitable than playing TAGG the game when you were a kid. Just have the toilet paper ready to wipe up the gains TAGG stock will offer when the dumpage begins. Play it smart, and the bounces could be worth double the promo.

Sure TAGG could continue to see gains and could continue past 35 trading sessions as an Awesome Penny Stocks promotion. However, if eating corn makes you “pass gas”, do you think the next time you eat corn things will be much different?

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