VUME Scam | VuMee Stock Does Little To Make A Victory Mark

VUME StockThe pump from Awesome Penny Stocks little sister (or older brother, depending upon who you ask) kicked in Wednesday on VuMee Inc. (VUME). Traders hustled as best they could to get their hands on shares of the celebrity social media sharing website (who’s website isn’t and hasn’t been accessible since July, 2012) in hopes of seeing those big dollar profits. Some traders are touting how they were one of the rare ones who got a tiny piece of VUME stock on Tuesday. Seems like they are always the same four, the fantastic-four.

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VUME Stock Chart

Market Cap: 23.27M
Last: 0.3879 ▲ 0.2178 (128.04%)
Volume: 22,673,900
Dollar Volume: $7,399,123
Open: 0.28
High: 0.40
Low: 0.25

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As the VUME scam began, traders were already paying 0.30 and above just 2 minutes into the Wednesday session which meant they were able to see a gain of 0.10 at best, 33.33%. Unless you were one of the early birds who got in under 0.30, you had better hope the irony behind Wednesday’s PR, focused on of one of the greatest offensive stoppers in recent NFL history, doesn’t have the same effect on this promotion or your position.

When we first uncovered VUME in June, 2012, we didn’t pick it to be a scam since it appeared legit since it didn’t have any connection to the typical legal connections. Discovering on Tuesday after the shares finally traded some decent volume, seeing the financing arrangements have lead us to see VuMee as an extremely high-risk penny stock to trade, more so than any of the other obvious pump and dumps Victory has done before.

The fluff PR, quoting a name without that person actually making any official comments since the AFC divisional game vs. the Denver Broncos is much more important, is a sad first hype for the VUME scam. With previous APS pumps that centered around social media like TagLikeMe (TAGG) and Pub Crawl Holdings (PBCW), at the very least they could have thrown out something with a little more impact. VuMee may be the only fully automated mobile push network in the marketplace with a custom rotating ad server, but rotating some hard earned money into it seems a bit absurd — at least not until it trades below 0.175.

About VUME Stock

VuMee Inc., as of 9:30AM Wednesday, January 9, 2012, is being promoted by Victory Mark, the promoters who have done awareness campaigns on the following:

  • Marine Drive Mobile Corp. (MDMC),
  • PacWest Equities Inc. (PWEI),
  • Solo International, Inc. (SLIO), and
  • Pub Crawl Holdings Inc. (PBCW)

VUME Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
01/09/13 0.3879 +0.2178 +128.04% 22,673,900
01/08/13 0.1701 -0.0799 -31.96% 933,700
12/28/12 0.2500 -0.2500 -50.00% 15,000
11/06/12 0.5000 -0.2400 -32.43% 200
10/08/12 0.7400 +0.2400 +48.00% 400


Bottom Line: Even with the penny stock promotional hype of Victory Mark, day one of the VUME stock scam could not surpass the trading activity of AMR Corp. (AAMRQ), aka American Airlines, their affiliate, Awesome Penny Stocks and the crashing of World Moto (FARE), or even Amarantus BioScience (AMBS). Since the fantastic four is already claiming to be out of VUME stock, may the force be with those who have the nuts to go long.

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