PRTN | Is It Time To Cut The Cord On Pristine Solutions?

PRTN Stock, Awesome Penny Stocks, Pristine SolutionsIt’s safe to say thus far that, although the PR support has been there since day one, the performance of Pristine Solutions (PRTN) has not been Awesome. With FDA being thrown out as the highlight to fuel Eaton Scientific Systems’ Tropine 3, PRTN stock gained a pathetic 20.59% last week closing Friday under the Monday HOD. With speculation that the change from Centro Azteca S.A. to Dener Tenner Morales Media may have been a changing of the guards to a new group of “rent-a-cop” type promoters.

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PRTN, PRTN Stock, PRTN Scam, Pristine Solutions, Tropine 3PRTN Stock Chart

Market Cap: 171.38M
Close: 0.41, down -0.004 (-0.97%)
Volume: 7,823,034
Dollar Volume: $3,171,052
High: 0.425
Trades: 867
Average Trade Size: 9,023

Monday Volume: 110,742,471
Tuesday Volume: 18,279,903
Wednesday Volume: 10,044,811
Thursday Volume: 6,191,786

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Friday evening, the latest PR highlighted Eaton Scientific Systems, Ltd. detailing recent comments made by Dr. Hootan Melamed, whose family’s Beverly Hills, CA based Rox San Pharmacy is the original compounding Pharmacy for Tropine 3. Seriously, how many ways can you try to pump the non-hormonal treatment of hot flashes in pre-menopausal, peri-menopausal, and post-menopausal women.

Perhaps September will have interviews with women on the streets of some of America’s largest cities commenting on how a non-hormonal treatment of hot flashes would change the way they are able to carry out their daily lives. The Company could hire Mario Lopez even to walk through the streets of LA or maybe Howie Mandel in one of the Disney themed parks located in either Florida or California.

Better yet, one of Howard Stern’s affiliated websites has Hangover Joe’s (HJOE) advertisements all over it. They could get Howard to do a clip on the subject matter. If it catches fire, maybe then PRTN won’t be such a POS performer and provide some “hot flashes” for investors.

About PRTN Stock

See “Pump and Dump”.

Bottom Line: Perhaps PRTN has already peaked and its time to cut the cord or maybe Awesome Penny Stocks really isn’t awesome anymore. Tuesday will be a big deal since PRTN will now need to compete with a number of hotter penny stocks.

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