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PZOO Stock, Pazoo, pazoo.com

For so long, Pazoo Inc. (PZOOand me been finding each other for so long, and the feeling that traders feel for you is more than strong, take it from me. If you waited seven weeks than you’re asking for, the love could come this week. At a dime, I would wait a little bit longer from a dime, build my profits around you, darling, PZOO stock will shine world, watch it and see. You could get a little more than you’re asking for now that they have DTC eligibility.

The Bee Gees rocked it out on make out point 30 years ago and those who got into PZOO stock off of our 0.10 alert are seeing a 245% gain which should also rock out in the week ahead.

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PZOO Stock, PZOO, PAZOO, pazoo.comPZOO Stock Chart

Market Cap: 24.32M
Close: 0.345, up 0.01 (2.99%)
Volume: 186,860
Dollar Volume: $62,320
High: 0.345
Low: 0.32
Trades: 29
Average Trade Size: 6,443
Authorized: 980,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 70,492,000

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On Tuesday, the Company turned on the switch for the expert section of their website. Several of the Pazoo experts have begun blogging and providing valuable information for participants to help improve the everyday health and wellbeing for people and their pets. Tips like “don’t play in traffic,” “look both ways before jumping off your roof into an inflatable swimming pool,” and “eating a cat is not the meaning of the phrase” are likely not to be found on the Company’s blog.

More importantly, PZOO secured DTC Eligibility by The Depository Trust Company for its penny stock on the OTC, effective September 4th. The Depository Trust Company, DTC, is a subsidiary of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation DTCC, and manages the electronic clearing and settlement of publicly traded companies. Securities that are eligible to be electronically cleared and settled through the DTC are considered “DTC eligible.

Now the stock awareness campaigns can finally be effective for PZOO which means this week is make it or fake it for them. If there isn’t insane volume Monday or Tuesday, there likely won’t be anytime soon and it will be you and your Bee Gee’s having a long-term affection for your slow moving stock.

About PZOO Stock

Pazoo, Inc. was originally incorporated in the State of Nevada as IUCSS, Inc., and is a development stage company with their operating headquarters in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey as a leading health and wellness social community to provide information, services, and online products for improvement of everyday living through their website, www.pazoo.com.

Bottom Line: PZOO was expected to be one of the hot penny stocks to end the summer season with. Up until now, other than getting in at .10, there hasn’t been much to jump around about. Keep PZOO stock on the radar for Monday in hopes that they can turn the switch on to it like they did their blog last week.

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