The Cash Teacher Has Been Called Out For His Stock Picks

The Cash Teacher has been called out!  If you subscribe to the Cash Teacher website, you already have seen how pathetic his emails are and how his penny stock pick links will almost always send you to a spam advertisement to submit a credit card. For What? The Cash Teacher has crap stock picks for around $40 a month when you get better penny stock picks from places like AimHighProfits for FREE.

The Cash Teacher has you submit a credit card to get his stock picks and what, you lose money and then what? You’re still gonna get charged. Someone send in an email verifying that they either made money from one of his stock picks or were able to cancel the charges on their credit card. Verify the Cash Teacher is as good as he says he is.

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One of the best bands in history wrote a song about him that made a huge hit on their 3M TA3 album:

I looked out the window and seen his bald head
I ran to the fridge and pulled out an egg
Scoped him with my scopes he had no hair
Launched that shot and he was caught out there
Saw the convertible driving by
Loaded up the slingshot and let one fly
He went for his to find he didn’t have one
Put him in check correct with my egg gun
The egg a symbol of life
Go inside your house and bust out your wife
Pulled out the jammy he thought it was a joke
The trigger I pulled his face the yoke
Reached in his pocket took all his cash
Left my man standing with an egg moustache
Suckers they come a dime a dozen
And when I say dozen you know what I’m talking about
Humpty Dumpty was a big fat egg
He was playing the wall and then he broke his leg
Tossed it out the window three minutes hot
Hit the Rastaman he said *bloodclot*
Which came first the chicken or the egg
I egged the chicken then I ate his leg
Riding the trains in between cars
When I pull out the station *you’re gonna get yours*
Drive by eggings plaguing L.A.
*Yo they just got my little cousin ese*
Sometimes hard boiled sometimes runny
It comes from a chicken not a bunny dummy
People laugh it’s no joke
My name’s Yauch and I’m throwing the yoke
*Now they got me in a cell* but I don’t care
It was then that I caught catching people out there
We all dressed in black we snuck up around the back
We began to attack the eggs did crack on Haze’s back
Sam I am down with the program
Green eggs and ham Yosemite Sam
Come Halloween you know I come strapped
I throw it at a sucker K-pap
You made the mistake you judge a man by his race
You go through life with egg on your face
You woke up in the morning with a peculiar feeling
You looked up and saw egg dripping from the ceiling
Families puck rocks the businessman
I’ll dog anybody with an egg in my hand
Not like the crack that you put in a pipe
But crack on your forehead here’s a towel now wipe

The Cash Teacher has been called out by one of the best stock pickers in the industry. If he shows his bald head it will be in shame since his picks are crap compared to half of the penny stock pickers. Every now and then the Cash Teacher will send out an alert on a stock that goes up 80% in one day on volume of 25,000 shares to close at $0.02.


The guy is bending you from the beginning by recommending that you trade with Ameritrade.  Ameritrade is in full support of SOPA and doesn’t allow access to 99% of penny stocks. He clearly has motivations other than allowing his subscribers full access to the picks he makes.

The Cash Teacher is nothing more than a catchy domain address that will nickel and dime you out of every possible sign up method for everything under the sun except making money on penny stocks. It seems pretty clear he is like the robbers in Boca Raton who pull up next to the trolley stops and rob the elderly of their money and valuables. People who don’t know the internet or how to handle investments on their own are being taken by this fool.

The Cash Teacher is the Richard Simmons of the investment world getting you to join every program in the world and provide you with absolutely no change in your lifestyle except some reading material and out of pocket expenses. If you don’t believe it, go there and sign up, give up your credit card and watch how the stock picks you get are about as good as the roll of paper that is mounted next to your morning thrown.

You either need to have no idea what your doing, feel confident that because you are paying for something that its better than something for FREE or your high on drugs if you honestly think you will make money from the Cash Teacher. It’s a one-way street people.

The worst part about it: he owns the crap that he promotes to you and blatantly says it in his disclaimer. You’re buying his crap. It’s the shadiest part of penny stock trading and we guarantee you that we never have nor ever will do that to any subscribers with any stocks we profile; NEVER. Yes we’re in this for the money and not the glory but you can see with your own eyes; there is not one click-ad, pop-up advertisement, affiliate program or any other motive AimHighProfits has except to get you what we think are good stocks to buy or a good time to trade a stock.

If you want to pay $99 for an eBook like you will get offered by the Cash Teacher, email in your request. We have hundreds of them and will send them to you for the small price of absolutely nothing.

Watch: Our next 10 stock picks will outperform the Cash Teacher in both short and long term. If not, we’ll shut down the site.


Disclaimer – The views expressed are solely the personal opinions of a very wound up editor.  We have no direct knowledge of any of the activities of the cash teacher except what is received by email as a subscriber to the cash teacher newsletters. Any and all statements made are purely educated guesses by an industry insider, and are not intended to be represented as facts.  This editorial is for entertainment purposes only, and not meant to be represented as anything other than that.

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