Top 10 Most Traded OTC Penny Stocks: VIBE is Winning

It’s just a few minutes into the trading session and the “VIBE” is that the hype has died already on the Great Wall Pump. Shares in Vidable Inc. (OTC: VIBE) are on a nice opening rally, up nearly 20%, while GWBU stock, SNPK stock, and LUXR stock take the top three spots of the top 10 most actively traded OTC penny stocks all of which are headed on their slides to a penny.

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TOP 10 Most Actively Trade OTC Penny Stocks

Symbol Price Pct Chg $ Volume Share Vol Trades
GWBU 1.43 -5.30% 554,008 373,578 310
SNPK 0.082 -5.75% 43,902 512,121 120
LUXR 1.07 -10.08% 157,744 142,459 109
VIBE 0.031 +19.69% 25,245 849,044 49
LFVN 3.33 -2.35% 186,621 56,239 48
NNVC 0.72 -5.26% 83,594 106,589 45
IZEA 0.33 +10.00% 104,116 301,376 42
PPBL 0.0124 +11.71% 26,487 2,203,500 41
SEFE 0.67 +3.08% 76,531 113,587 40
OREO 0.97 -1.02% 32,732 33,535 40

IZEA stock is probably the one that will gain, and hold its gain, the best of the top 10. IZEA has revenues, a sensational  Founder/CEO, and is in the shadows of the most sensational IPO that the market has seen in almost 10 years. DOMK Stock will most likely make it to the top 10 list before the end of the trading session as the launch date for Domark International’s “Solapad” is inching closer.

SEFE stock has had a nice return to dignity in the last two trading sessions while OREO stock struggles to break that $1.15 level to return back towards its high of $1.99. If any of these 5 penny stocks, SEFE, OREO, SNPK, LUXR, or GWBU were to surpass their highs of this week, their could actually be a chance for some investors who bought during their last rallies to save face.

Bottom Line: These penny stocks should all be on the list to watch today and all of next week. Is GWBU stock good to buy considering its got so much marketing force behind it? Will SNPK stock rebound from its crash? Can SEFE stock reach the $5.95 price target that it was given? Timothy Sykes and Jason Bond will fight in Las Vegas and have it broadcast on Pay-Per-View with the scores being verified on before those three stocks regain their pps.


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