Top 10 Pink Sheets Penny Stocks: HDSI, GTRL, BRZV, ONTC

The stock market decline is starting to look similar to the end of the first quarter in 2001. Almost every stock worth watching was down and most penny stocks also declined during this short trading week. We monitor the stock price and fundamentals of the top 10 pink sheets penny stocks that are currently being promoted to gauge where an opportunity to jump in and make a quick profit may arise.

The pink sheets penny stock prices of HDS International (HDSI), Get Real USA, Inc. (GTRL), Lighthouse Petroleum Inc (LHPT), Breezer Ventures, Inc. (BRZV), The Automotive Resource Network Holdings, Inc. (ARNH), Onteco Corp. (ONTC), Andes Gold Corp. (AGCZ), ITonis, Inc. (ITNS), Microelectronics Technology Co. (MELY) and Meadow Bay Gold Corp. (MAYGF) all pretty much took a beating in the last trading session.

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For the beginner and small investor, probably the most powerful trading tool to instant wealth is penny stocks. Now, everyone knows that there are warnings about penny stocks as there should be. People claim they’re too risky, too unpredictable, or too hard to profit from. When these knee-jerk reactions get voiced, it’s because when they think of penny stocks, they think of OTC Pink or pink sheets stocks.

The following pinksheets penny stocks are listed in order of promotional money, not trades, volume or percentage gain, based on the last few weeks:

Top 10 PinkSheets Pennystocks

HDSI HDS International Corp. $0.0104 -0.0516 (-82.83%)

Previous Close 0.062

  • Open 0.054
  • High 0.062
  • Low 0.0075

Volume 84,653,509

  • Up Volume 14,271,892
  • Neutral Volume 46,489,764
  • Down Volume 28,891,853

Trades 1,231       Average Trade Size 68,768

The penny stock HDSI has a $583,000 promotion funding it. RSI and MACD clearly indicate that this stock is on a severe downward trend. Click here to read the profile on HDSI.

GTRL  Get Real USA, Inc. $0.077 -0.033 (-30.00%)

Previous Close 0.11

  • Open 0.11
  • High 0.124
  • Low 0.0715

Volume 5,280,878

  • Up Volume 604,745
  • Neutral Volume 2,047,101
  • Down Volume 2,629,032

Trades 430       Average Trade Size 12,281

With $70,000 behind it, the penny stock of GTRL has been issuing very positive news of recent via various press release services. GTRL has recorded no revenues to date and both MACD and RSI are indicating a bearish trend for the past two trading sessions.

LHPT  Lighthouse Petroleum Inc. $0.027 -0.003 (-10.00%)

Previous Close 0.03

  • Open 0.035
  • High 0.0375
  • Low 0.015

Volume 903,638

  • Up Volume 604,745
  • Neutral Volume 538,821
  • Down Volume 256,500

Trades 71       Average Trade Size 12,727

The $70,000 pumping penny stock LHPT is not seeming to have much of an effect on trades or volume. With that said, MACD Histogram is trending towards the trigger line which could make LHPT a penny stock to watch next week.

BRZV  Breezer Ventures, Inc. $0.10 +0.012 (13.64%)

Previous Close 0.088

  • Open 0.095
  • High 0.11
  • Low 0.08

Volume 3,993,984

  • Up Volume 1,005,596
  • Neutral Volume 1,534,356
  • Down Volume 1,454,032

Trades 349       Average Trade Size 11,444

Share in the penny stock BRZV seemed to have provided the only real positive sentiment for traders in the top 10 pink sheets penny stocks in the last trading session. The $39,800 behind BRZV may be undervalued considering the trend-lines in RSI and MACD.

ARNH  Automotive Resource Network Hldgs. $0.092 +0.001 (1.10%)

Previous Close 0.091

  • Open 0.095
  • High 0.104
  • Low 0.09

Volume 1,363,996

  • Up Volume 326,650
  • Neutral Volume 241,770
  • Down Volume 795,576

Trades 92       Average Trade Size 14,826

Whichever newsletter is responsible for the $25,000 promotion on ARNH stock should be unsubscribed to.  The stock has been completely flat for the past two weeks.

ONTC  Onteco Corp. $0.017 -0.0005 (-2.86%)

Previous Close 0.091

  • Open 0.022
  • High 0.0237
  • Low 0.017

Volume 6,137,564

  • Up Volume 1,307,481
  • Neutral Volume 3,603,893
  • Down Volume 1,699,912

Trades 263       Average Trade Size 23,336

Share in penny stock ONTC have been on a ski slope decline since the $20,000 public awareness campaign began. Penny stock traders may want to check the price under the symbol “OUCH!”

AGCZ  Andes Gold Corp. $0.061 +0.004 (7.02%)

Previous Close 0.057

  • Open 0.057
  • High 0.0648
  • Low 0.057

Volume 488,896

  • Up Volume 97,200
  • Neutral Volume 314,030
  • Down Volume 77,666

Trades 49       Average Trade Size 9,977

Talk about getting a chart worth $11,000. Share price  in AGCZ stock has been on a great incline for over a month. A tremendous percentage gain. Unfortunately the volume isn’t there to be able to  afford the cost of the trade to be able to profit currently on AGCZ.

ITNS   ITonis, Inc. $0.04 +0.0024 (6.38%)

Previous Close 0.0376

  • Open 0.0376
  • High 0.041
  • Low 0.036

Volume 382,886

  • Up Volume 190,300
  • Neutral Volume 87,586
  • Down Volume 105,000

Trades 25       Average Trade Size 15,315

This penny stock always reminds me of Dan Marino and the Isotoner gloves. Shares in the penny stock ITNS are flat for the most part and the $10,000 behind it was just a bit more than the total $ Volume in the last trading session.

MELY   Microelectronics Technology Co. $0.215 -0.015 (-6.52%)

Previous Close 0.23

  • Open 0.21
  • High 0.25
  • Low 0.21

Volume 36,888

  • Up Volume 18,200
  • Neutral Volume 7,938
  • Down Volume 10,750

Trades 17       Average Trade Size 2,169

With a mere $5,000, penny stock MELY is innocently looking to make the public aware of their stock which is a very good idea and what promoting penny stocks is supposed to be about.

MAYGF  Meadow Bay Gold Corp. $1.02 +0.01 (0.99%)

Previous Close 1.01

  • Open 1.01
  • High 1.02
  • Low 1.01

Volume 13,000

  • Up Volume 11,900
  • Neutral Volume 0
  • Down Volume 1,100

Trades 13       Average Trade Size 1,000

It would be safe to assume that no one who reads this is going to care about the $3,000 promoting the penny stock MAYGF.

Pink Sheet Stocks: Fast Track to Fortune or Costly Investment?

Pink sheet stocks are riskier but they still have an amazing potential to offer a solid return to a beginner or small investor. Investors are drawn to pink sheet listed penny stocks, even billionaire investors, because these self-directed investors are willing to accept the risks.

Finding undiscovered companies, the next Apple, Google or Microsoft, and snatching them up at bargain basement prices vastly increases your chances of having that life-changing investment with monumental returns. Not everyone finds these hidden gems on the OTC Pink the same as not everyone who plays t-ball goes on to win a World Series with the New York Yankees.

Pride in your work, dedication and understanding the game is what separates the winners in pink sheet traded penny stocks and the losers or “bag holders” as they say.

Big brokers don’t look at the OTC Pink or invest their client’s money into penny stocks for two simple reasons, they are not paid to do it and it would cause chaos with the amount of money they have access to invest. Avid penny stock traders have discovered that pink sheet listed penny stocks can be the most enjoyable and most rewarding stock investments available for the beginner and small investor.

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