Top 5 Penny Stocks: EWRL, DIMI, GWBU, BZRT, VIBE

The two-day trading session has begun and the top penny stocks are being led by a continued dump on Green Energy Renewable Solutions (EWRL). DiMi Telematics (DIMI) we said was going to be a force to be reckoned with and is taking this week to dump itself into the top penny stocks traded list. Great Wall Builders (GWBU) wont go away until the new “hot penny stock” is announced which is likely to be either Bullfrog Gold Corp. (BFGC) or Georgetown Corp. (GTCP). (BZRT) is still surging after our Thursday alert on the penny stock which could not stop rising on Friday, outperforming Globalink (GOBK). And Finally, a weird weekend as Vidable (VIBE) was a busy search query after thousands of investors received “Spam” emails this weekend about the pump and dump penny shares.

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OTC’s Top Penny Stocks Monday Morning

Symbol Price Pct Chg $ Volume Volume Trades
EWRL 0.48 -17.24% 131,328 258,196 92
DIMI 1.73 +0.58% 187,229 107,028 85
GWBU 0.196 +0.51% 36,684 184,286 84
BZRT 0.047 +17.50% 44,330 913,195 75
VIBE 0.0279 +123.20% 24,747 1,128,689 59

Earlier today,, Inc. (BZRT) announced that at a Special Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Company, the Board authorized a buyback of the Company’s free-trading common shares. For a Company that is structured with $0 cash and just jumped on to the market last week, this is like a new year’s resolution to quit smoking, join the gym, write that novel and travel on the orient express this summer all balled into one: It Will Never Happen.

Vidable, Inc. (VIBE) also had an early morning announcement of  plans to sell Vidable licenses that will allow third parties to sell Vidable digital media services under the Vidable brand for a monthly fee.  How many times can a Company put their name in an opening sentence of a press release? with the large number of “spam” emails that circulated this weekend, VIBE stock will tank before the end of the trading session.

Bottom Line: These five penny stocks should be swing trades for the two days until the 4th of July break and likely will be gone for Thursday and Friday of the week. Don’t get stuck holding them over the holiday as you can always get back into them on Thursday of they are still bullish.

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