USGT | USA Graphite Gets Spam Banged Under The Mistletoe

USGT Stock, USA Graphite Inc., USGT scam, USGT spam‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the Castle, not an inbox was skipped, despite all the hassle. The spam alerts were sent on USA Graphite Inc. (USGT) without any care, in hopes that setting a new high Monday could make some dumb traders aware. Although the shares have done decent without disturbing the feds, new buyers of USGT stock would have to be off of their meds. Without a a drill in the ground and just some old mining map, the final countdown has begun for this spammed out piece of crap.

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Market Cap: 118.58M
Close: 0.70  0.071 (11.29%)
Volume: 766,157
Dollar Volume: $512,009
High: 0.70
Low: 0.63
Trades: 344
Average Trade Size: 2,227

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Whatever. The old Xmas poem fit the time of the year. But seriously, did the spam campaign really need to kick off while the turkey was still roasting in the oven? Must have since they can only send out like 50 emails per spam account which makes one wonder how you wind up on the list. I have one email account which is used for one reason only, to receive alerts from our beloved friends in Belize and Costa Rica. Since that got spammed, it begs the question on why mark a victory when the penny stocks aren’t awesome anymore?

Regarding graphite and graphene itself, USGT, like GRPH and AGIN, may have the concept and business plan for grinding up some rock to mine for the mineral, but it’s a decade plus away from being a feasible replacement for the products that could use it. This opinion was formed when researching an NASDAQ listed penny stock, Harris & Harris Group, Inc. (TINY). First of all, thise Company is undervalued from the POV of book value when you look at their assets. They are a venture capital firm specializing in early stage investments, especially in tiny technology including microsystems and transformative nanotechnology companies which some happen to deal in graphene.

The run that USGT stock has had since the beginning of December when the Castle lowered down its bridge for traders to cross the moat without fear has been fairly decent. Two runs worth 60% and no “pushed off the watch-out tower”  descents have made it somewhat reliable for those playing penny stocks during the weakened trading sessions. Now that the spam campaign has infected the planet, USA Graphite, as penny stock trending bullish, has an 80’s classic for a theme song:

About USGT Stock

USA Graphite Inc. does not have significant operations. The company intends to acquire or merge with one or more operating businesses. Previously, it was engaged in the publishing of magazines in Malaysia.

Last 5 trading Sessions:

Date Last Change % Change Volume
12/24/12 0.7000 +0.0710 +11.29% 766,100
12/21/12 0.6290 -0.0010 -0.16% 441,600
12/20/12 0.6300 +0.0270 +4.48% 766,000
12/19/12 0.6030 +0.0030 +0.50% 573,100
12/18/12 0.6000 -0.0300 -4.76% 796,400

Bottom Line: IF USGT was on your list of penny stocks to watch, go ahead and take it off. If you’re already in USGT stock, be ready to pull the trigger on an expected “gap open” come Wednesday since it is likely the last time you will see “green.”

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