BBDA | Back At One, How Can BeBevCo Make It To Two?

BBDA Stock, OTC BBDA, PINK BBDA, BeBevCo, Bebida Beverage Company, Kola UnwindThe penny stock of Bebida Beverage Company (BBDA), aka BeBevco, finally closed back up above one cent Wednesday as traders were suddenly losing faith in the beverage maker that nearly broke 2 cents last month. With two PR announcements already this week, BBDA stock saw some selling pressure as it traded below its one cent floor until Wednesday. The pressure could have been fueled to some extent by the recent yield sign issued to them via OTCMarkets who is obviously looking for some updated financial data just like the long shareholders are.

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BBDA Stock, Bebida Beverage Company, Bebevco, Koma Unwind, Potencia energy Shot, relax 5BBDA Stock Chart

Market Cap: 8.80M
Close: 0.0104, up 0.0028 (36.84%)
Volume: 54,373,216
Dollar Volume: $496,283
High: 0.0108
Low: 0.008
Trades: 389
Average Trade Size: 139,776
% Gain Since June Alert: 550%
Issued and Outstanding:

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The news announcements from Monday and Tuesday that added some optimism to BBDA shareholders were:

•  Edland Distributing out of Bellingham, Washington will go ‘all in’ on the Relaxation Revolution by partnering with BeBevCo to distribute the Company’s flagship and market leading liquid relaxation product, KOMA UNWIND. This represents BeBevCo’s first penetration into the northwestern U.S. with more to follow in all parts of the country; and

•  30 Handy Dandy convenience stores across Indiana will begin carrying the on fire brand, KOMA UNWIND relaxation shots as well as BeBevCo’s emerging brand, Relax 5 shots. Handy Dandy stores will have the new relaxation stations installed into each store which will make BeBevCo’s products exceptionally visible. S. Abraham and Sons, Inc. is partnering with BeBevCo and is the distributor in this deal.

The way we see it is:

a) great that KOMA UNWIND is headed to the state of Washington. After sitting through the movie “Battle in Seattle” those guys are pretty wound up over the WTO talks. Even Miami was calmer when the FBI stormed in and took Elián González back to Cuba only so that he can eventually defect to play Major League Baseball one day for the Miami Marlins; and

b) mighty dandy that its S. Abraham and Sons, Inc. and not Sanford and Sons Inc. partnered in the distribution deal. That old rusted jalopy they had on the set wouldn’t be able to pass today’s emission standards.

Seriously though, pull the finger out Brian and get us all some updated financial data. All these distribution agreements and pictures of products on display in stores means nada. Top line and bottom line numbers and grab a hold of yourself on those G&A expense increases, we’re all watching.

About BBDA Stock

BBDA Stock, Bebida Beverage Company, Bebevco, Koma Unwind, Potencia energy Shot, relax 5

Bottom Line: BBDA was an exceptional penny stock heading into July and has seemed to have found itself a support level at a penny. They can’t really dilute BBDA stock anymore so now its all about “put up or shut up.” The next financial data supplied to investors is likely the next catalyst, assuming positive data, that will through the beverage stock back into 5th gear.

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