Cannabis Science (CBIS) Takes Message To Congress

If you were to measure the total number of shares outstanding for the penny stock of Cannabis Science Inc. (CBIS) versus how many blunts Snoop Dogg has rolled, chances are the winner would be by a very slim margin.  Compared to the beginning of the year, CBIS stock traded thin on Monday with only 1,671,714 share volume. Being able to say your stock price is up 423.81% year-to-date must have been enjoyable to Rep. Danny Davis (D-IL) and Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) before speaking to an audience of congressional staffers on Friday.

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Robert Melamede PhD, CEO of Cannabis Science Inc. presented at the Treatment Horizons Briefing at the Rayburn Legislative Office Building in Washington D.C. last Friday The presentation surrounded the topic of the utility of CS-TATI-1, a unique antiviral approach to reduce the expression of viral diversity undermining the efficacy of HART throughout worldwide treatment programs.

Dr. Melamede stated that the Company is very appreciative of the opportunity to present the clinical premise to legislative staffers of ranking Members of Congress directly preceding the opening of the XIX International AIDS Conference. The clinical advancement of the indirect inhibition of HIV Tat and subsequent corresponding pandemic co-infections that promote the oncogenesis of HIV related malignancies is essential to avert the pathogenesis of minority subspecies from highly conserved sanctuary regions.

About CBIS Stock

Cannabis Science, Inc. is conducting cannabinoid research and development for unmet medical needs. The Company works with leading experts in HIV drug development, medicinal characterization, and clinical research to develop, produce, and commercialize Phytocannabinoid-based pharmaceutical products. Currently, the Company is working with CBR International to develop a Pre-IND Application to the FDA that focuses on the use of CS-S/BCC-1 topical cannabis-based preparations for the treatment of basal and squamous cell carcinomas.

Bottom Line: CBIS is a penny stock that can take off for a a double-digit return anytime a politician mentions a favorable position towards the use of medicinal marijuana. Can CBIS ever return to the 0.245 price it held for a few seconds on February 29, “Puff, Puff, Pass”.  Note: doesn’t Danny Davis and Bobby Rush sound like the two guys who were always passed out on your sofa wearing torn-up surf gear when you were in college?

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