GCEI | Global Clean Energy’s Funding Begins The Money Show

News hit today on Global Clean Energy Inc. (GCEI), one of our penny stock alerts from September, claiming their first $1 million of funding was accessible. Since their current status on the OTCMarkets was updated in late August, GCEI stock has gained as much as 15,800% from its August 14 low, 0.001, after hitting a two year high on September 25th, the day the alert was issued. Having fallen as much as 11 cents since then, traders who are expecting the Company to uplist back to the OTCBB when they return to SEC reporting could be positioning themselves for a potential 200% upside in the next 60-90 days.

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GCEI Stock Chart

Market Cap: 3.64M
Last: 0.054, down -0.008 (-12.90%)
Volume: 306,066
Dollar Volume: $17,605
High: 0.07
Low: 0.048
Trades: 65
Average Trade Size: 4,708

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Today’s news of a private funding group committing $1 million operating line of credit to be used as needed on a draw down basis is the first of many Global Clean Energy is expecting to advance their operational development. The first funds are stated to be earmarked for the completion of engineering the Company’s proprietary hybrid gasification system as well as for further feasibility studies on the Jatropha and switch grass projects.

This funding commitment, like it or not, is likely to be the beginning of the money flow PR that starts to filter out between now and the end of the year. The deal of GCEI acquiring Houston Industrial Materials, a company owned by one of the Company insiders, is a 2 decade old transportation Company with 19 consecutive years of profitability off of annual sales in excess of $2.5 million. The uplisting to the OTCBB, or QB as some call it, once they return to being an SEC filer, coupled with current filings which will indicate top line revenue numbers, changes the game for this penny stock and likely the PPS.

About GCEI Stock

See the SEC filings for Global Clean Energy Inc. here.

Bottom Line: GCEI was flipped, ripped and dipped since our alert and, especially now at its current level, should be on the list of penny stocks to watch. A return of GCEI stock to its pre-alert level, 0.115, is right there a potential 100% gain. Returning to the OTCBB and fling with the SEC rather than OTCMarkets could be more than double that.

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