GCEI | What Obama v. Romney II Means For Green Energy

Tuesday evening’s presidential debate had many people watching for the sole purpose of seeing whether the 51 year old was going to smack the 65 year old, or vice versa. Romney’s continued “I know what it takes” in each of his responses while Obama simply had the swagger he needed to back up his last four years of decision making. What we took from it all was Romney knows what it takes apparently and Obama is going to stay on the path he chose which could mean more green energy initiatives should he win in three weeks time.

The question we pose is: Could Global Clean Energy Inc. (GCEI) be one of those who flourish?

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GCEI Stock Chart

Market Cap: 4.38M
Close: 0.065, down -0.0031 (-4.55%)
Volume: 129,564
High: 0.0729
Low: 0.065
Trades: 21
Average Trade Size: 6,169
Authorized: 500,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 67,415,721
52 Week High (9/25/2012): 0.159

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Global Clean Energy has been on our radar screens since January. When we issued our alert on September 25th, it was shocking to see how traders flipped rather than taking starter positions since it was pretty clear that GCEI was a long investment and not a day-trade alert. Regardless of the fact, it made no difference since subsequent to the awareness campaign, the Company began fielding calls we were told that had waste-to-energy industry people remembering them from when they were perfecting their proprietary systems: Cyclonic Dredging Pump and Hybrid Gasification.

Yesterday’s debate between Romney and Obama only solidified the belief that the Green Energy push Obama put into effect since 2008 is going to be a sector which is either going to surge or fall flat — period. A shift in power could strong-arm Green Energy companies to seek private sector funding which, int he current state of the economy, is unlikely to happen based on the time required to be able to sufficiently develop, perfect and deploy these new technologies.

However, the gamble of Obama seeing a 2nd term could easily support how lithium batteries will see government money thrown its way, onshore oil exploration will see leases and drilling rights thrown its way and gasification companies will get the path cleared to produce advanced ready-to-use liquid transportation and aviation biofuels. GCEI is one of those gasification companies which could see green sooner rather than later.

One week ago today, Global Clean Energy’s President and CEO, Earl Azimov, stated that the Company had initiated its first round of funding negotiations with three lenders with a target of $20million over the next eighteen months. The key factor was when Azimov stated the Company’s intentions to “finance its ongoing operations without diluting its stock.”

With the Company’s plan to return to the OTCBB within the next 60-90 days, coupled with the fact that only twice have I lived through a single-term U.S. President, Carter and W. Senior, the odds of a 2nd term for Obama and growth to continue to expand in Green Energy allows for speculation that GCEI could be a huge player in the biomass industry.

About GCEI Stock


Bottom Line: Keep GCEI on your list of penny stocks to watch. It took one day for our pick on CellTeck (CLTK) to jump 336%, one month for Titan Iron Ore (TFER) to jump 75%, two months for Cannabis Science (CBIS) to reach its ten-bagger status with 1,100% gains. GCEI is likely to fall between these three.

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