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Shares of bio-based energy producer Global Clean Energy Inc. (GCEI) seem to have finally settled down after piggy back riders were pushing it to their flippers. GCEI stock burst out the gates a week ago when our alerts went out and has since been piggy backed by many who sought, to what can only seem to be, gaining the chance to be the ones who called it at the bottom. Why? Because we know penny stocks and with the track record we have had, this obviously must be another one of those hidden gems.

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GCEI StockGCEI Stock Chart

Market Cap: 2.91M
Close: 0.0751, up 0.001 (0.13%)
Volume: 777,757
Dollar Volume: $60,844
High: 0.085
Low: 0.075
Trades: 104
Average Trade Size: 7,478
Authorized: 500,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 67,415,721
Float: 31,943,763

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When Global Clean Energy filed their 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2009, they pointed out some targets they looked to achieve:

Plans for Future Development

·  studying a plan to acquire a former shrimp farm in Texas for algae production;
·  commercial license the AirPump™ to expedite deployment across a range of industries and generate seed revenue for other projects;
·  continue exploratory discussions with a motivated third-party to design and build mobile gasification testing units;
·  complete a scaled-up design of a 100-200 ton stackable gasification unit for manufacturing by 2013;
·  developing working relationships with representative bodies and associations of industries that would most benefit from our two core technologies;
·  advance education at all levels of government about gasification and vortex pump technology to facilitate technically-informed budgetary/funding decisions;
·  create working partnerships with waste preparation, engineering, construction, and recycling companies to secure a position in the first wave of the emerging MSW industry; and
·  expand their presence in the research and development cycle of universities and research centers in Canada, the U.S. and overseas.

Since GCEI updated its trading status on August 27th, the Company has:

·  continued its algae development projects (Mon, Oct 1)
·  Jatropha business plan calls for job creation (Wed, Sep 26)
·  acquired material handling company (Mon, Sep 24)
·  established government grants division (Wed, Sep 19)
·  commenced development of a 15-20 ton per day gasification system (Mon, Sep 10)

Basically, everything they had covered before, has been reminded to the G.P. to re-engage the previous plans moving forward and new details of projects and deals closed or in negotiations with can be brought to the table. Any and all updates from here on out will be nothing less than catalysts from their well-established .075 support level.

Bio-based fuels and land reclamation projects have yet to be a dominant player in the U.S. There is no question as to the impact they will have, especially after the recent EPA decision which requires that the 2013 bio-based diesel volume to be 1.28 billion gallons under the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. It took 5 years for the requirement to be this level, in 5 years, should GCEI put all of its working parts in place, it could be one of the major players in domestic gasification and bio-based fuel suppliers.

About GCEI Stock

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Bottom Line: Major market downturns typically cause the greatest pain to the most speculative of penny stocks. GCEI is at a proven low point after three trading sessions between .075 and .085. This stability indicates that GCEI has some room to run, easily to the level it did last week and beyond according to some analyst’s predictions and the fact that the Obama administration is committed to a clean energy investment plan.

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