GWBU Stock Update: Pump It. Louder! Pump It. Louder!

Pumped like a bad 80’s Culture Club cassette tape in a Septic Tank Disposal Truck, Great Start Wall Technologies Builders Europe I.G. (OTC: GWBU) announced Monday morning that it opened a new Research and Development facility. GWBU stock has lost its luster as has APS since their triple play of AMWI, NSRS and SNPK. GWBU stock closed at $1.48 on Friday with just under 1.8 million shares traded because when you send out news about a 2003 Fiat Scudo getting reducing emissions by 40% and decreasing fuel consumption by 10%, even my mother knows you could do the same with a new muffler, an oil change, new fuel filter, oil filter and balance the air in the tires. The Centro Azteca S.A. group may need a few more weeks and some creative press releases on GWBU before moving on to GTCP.

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GWBU Stock Chart

Great Start Wall Technologies Builders Europe said the choice of location is a natural one, given that Bologna is an important region for the automotive sector in Italy. Note to self: When investing into a development stage company based on the pitch that “majors like Ford, Chevy, and Dodge could be interested in GWBU’s technology!”, ask why they would ever consider such a dumb business move.

I don’t know which is more insulting to the intelligence: That a 9 year old car can get cleaner emissions and better fuel mileage from this POS product that has changed hands more than a 1988 Fleer Billy Buckner baseball card or that the 14th smallest country in the world gave this rave reviews between calypso karaoke sessions in Barbados. The fact that Great Start Wall Engineering Builders Europe are opening a facility within close proximity to the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia because the Company has close ties related to new technology development makes no impact to why an investor should chase $2 on a penny stock that is going to crash.

The press release should finish like this with the original text in parentheses:

The facility will never open and we will never even move one paperclip into it (feature an in-house, climate-controlled, test lab that conforms to all necessary European specifications) in order to get investor Joe to think this technology actually exists (ensure that new product developments remain in line with the homologation certification) so the APS and Centro Azteca S.A. groups can rake in some more cake off a POS shell corp, some google click ads and some $85 press releases (achieved by the Start FEED products), and allow for the frivolous spending of your money on things you could never afford (sale of Start Fuel Efficiency and Emissions Device (FEED) products throughout the EU).

The rest of the release is a bit more of the same regurge. If you want to read it, click here.

Bottom Line: GWBU stock is going to crash at any moment now and if its on your list of penny stocks to buy, this site is probably not for you because we might tell you that Santa Claus is not real and crush your childhood memories. Take GWBU and scalp it for a point here and there but don’t even consider holding a position in the POS when the market closes. Want to play it, limit order 1 hour after the market opens and sell within two hours before the market closes each day. Not a large enough window to hold GWBU stock and make money? Now you get the point.

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