HEMP | New Deal Should Send Marijuana Stock To New Highs

HEMP Stock, MJNA, Marijuana StocksGetting stoned by way of a pleasant tasting lozenge, a cough drop, may be the one PR needed to push the marijuana focused penny stock of Hemp Inc. (HEMP) over a dime. Having gained over 7 cents, 587%, since we first issued an alert on it, HEMP stock hit a new 52 week high to start November when it touched 0.09. Today’s news announcement of a 20-year agreement entered into for the worldwide marketing rights to cannabinoid medicinals could be the spark needed to get to a dime plus.

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Market Cap: 58.63M
Friday Close: 0.075, down -0.01  (-11.76%)
Volume: 1,750,535
High: 0.085
Low: 0.0701
52 Week High: 0.09 (Nov. 1, 2012)

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As if you didn’t need another reason to hate Canada, HEMP is set to surge on Monday with this new agreement since the initial product rollout features a patent pending coconut oil based lozenge that has been tested in Canada, with results showing that the lozenges provide a rapid onset time. Damn Canadians always get it before us.

The report states that the lozenge enables a precise quantity dosage, which is the systemic delivery of drugs through the mucosal membrane lining the floor of the mouth, and is perhaps the most preferred method to patient and clinician alike. Basically, the longer you suck it, the longer you feel the effects.

HEMP Inc.’s President, David Tobias, stated, “We feel that the coconut based lozenge is a superior method of delivery. Governments shun inhalation, even vaporizing, and the side effects may not be noticed for 20 years. Edibles incur first pass effect and potential pre-system elimination in the GI tract, and many tinctures contain a significant amount of alcohol, which can be problematic for people with allergies or addiction problems and are not as concentrated as other forms of herbal extracts that are typically about 25 times more concentrated than an equivalent tincture. Furthermore, we can adjust the cannabinoid profile for our lozenges to provide a wide range of beneficial effects.

HEMP Inc. CEO, Bruce Perlowin, continued, stating “We are confident that our new lozenges represent the most acceptable and yet effective delivery system available, providing patients with safe, measured, doses of natural cannabis extracts. This is the product that will trump everything else in the emerging trillion dollar cannabis industry. Just the US pharmaceutical rights alone are expected to bring up to 800 million dollars.

$800 million dollars? Yeah, on college campuses alone maybe.

About HEMP Stock

Hemp, Inc. focuses on supplying services, products, and information related to the medical marijuana industry or to those who have an affinity for the medical marijuana industry.

Bottom Line: HEMP has been a smoking hot penny stock since the beginning of Q4 and is poised to continue that bullish pattern up through at least tomorrow’s U.S. elections. Since thirteen states have marijuana topic legislation changes on the ballots, HEMP stock should surpass its 0.09 52 week high set Thursday last week.

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