IFAN Financial, Inc. (IFAN) Stock Survives Its First Week

IFAN Stock, IFAN Financial Inc., IFAN ScamCompletely safe online transactions is a technology that has been deemed the “$15 Trillion Gold Rush” by some financial publications, but can it really be captured, or any part of it by a penny stock that’s being promoted? Reports and articles have begun surfacing around the internet about IFAN Financial, Inc. (IFAN) and how this recently renamed shell corp. with some creative insiders is due to give PayPal a run for their money in hopes of gaining the trust of investors. Having now recorded their first full week of trading without creating too much of a frenzy, IFAN stock looks like it might just allow traders to bang in 20-30% heading into November as long as those $0.00018 seed shareholder shares don’t sell too aggressively when the first PR gets issued.

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Unless you are a research guru who can identify what a stock pump looks like, chances are you aren’t going to find what you need in order to make an investment decision that suits your risk appetite if you simply search IFAN Financial on a search engine. Little to nothing exists in the online world for the recently deemed “no longer a shell company” that was cleverly created and issued the ticker IFAN when incubated by a sweet little 18 year old who helped her lil sis get dressed as her qualifications for being the President/CFO of Infantly Available Inc., an organic line of kids clothes.

The smokin hot President/CFO got out of her Chair in April, 2014 when J. Christopher Mizer gladly paid $20,000 for her controlling interest in the shell which is when IFAN stock landed on the radar screens of many. Mizer got in for pennies on the dollar compared to what it would cost to set up a company and get it SEC approved which is why he applied to have IFAN stock split 140 for 1 in September so that the seed investors in the supposed kids clothing line shell corp. would be able to see people like you make them hand-over-fist money for their shares.

About after Mizer took over Infantly Available, he inked a 2 year deal with IPIN Debit Network, Inc. out of New Brunswick, Canada that looks almost as good on paper as the claims that IFAN could rival real life competitors like PayPal, Amazon and Global Payments. The terms of the deal and stretched out over as long as 10 additional years whereby ts only good if IFAN Financial can come up with the minimum of $5,000,000 in Royalty payments for each of the 3 through 12 successive years from the signing of the License Agreement. To get the deal done, Mizer only had to come up with a way to pay $250,000 to IPIN Debit Network which went like this:

  • $10,000 upon execution of this License Agreement;
  • $20,000 when IPIN successfully demonstrates the integration, publishing design, and on-boarding screens of its technology with the Android application package file (apk);
  • $20,000 when IPIN successfully integrates the Android app with the IPIN device as demonstrated by transferring the transaction details to the app after a card swipe occurs;
  • $60,000 when IPIN successfully demonstrates a card transaction including posting the status to the merchant call back uniform resource locator (url);
  • $60,000 when IPIN successfully demonstrates a front end data base set up that enables an IPIN device user to affect an IPIN device transaction;
  • $60,000 when IPIN successfully demonstrates the completed, back-end development of the IPIN device Android app including any and changes needed to support it; and

As of May 31, 2014, IFAN Financial paid $10,000 License Fee and prepaid License Fee $66,620 to IPIN. IFAN Financial received 1,000,000 common shares from iPIN. The Company had not yet issued 1,000,000 shares of IFAN stock to IPIN as of the time of the filing.

The “iPIN” gadget appears as if it would be something any online purchaser using a gadget to conduct their transaction would want to have for their personal security. The device seems so “necessary” in today’s world that they managed to get Good Morning San Diego to do a piece on the device which does nothing but rave about how significant it is for consumers to protect their online privacy.

The McShane Letter” does little to discourage investors who will be targeted to receive alerts to shy away from buying as much IFAN stock as they can while it’s still in its infancy stage. A big, bold banner lances across the landing page just a few inches from the main headline claiming “$10,000 Invested at Around 50 Cents Could Potentially Explode to $200,000 If an Apple, Amazon or Google Buyout Pushes the Stock to $10 per Share!”

With seed shareholders ready to sell to those willing to buy IFAN stock, at a cost basis of just $0.00018 per share, the dump shouldn’t really come until half of the 29,960,000 shares of IFAN stock that they own are bought at or above the 0.35 range.

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About IFAN Stock

IFAN Financial, Inc. is a development stage company that, through a recent licensing agreement with with IPIN Debit Network, Inc., is focused on the use and distribution of IPIN’s technology, systems and products in the nature of electronic payments processing and its United States Letters Patents.

Click here to view the SEC filings for IFAN.
Click here to view the pump page for IFAN Financial.

Authorized: 800,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 79,960,020

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Chg Volume
10/17/14 0.3600 0.3850 0.3600 0.3850 +0.0300 +8.45% 184,900
10/16/14 0.3800 0.3800 0.2100 0.3550 -0.0200 -5.33% 287,600
10/15/14 0.3700 0.3800 0.3660 0.3750 +0.0200 +5.63% 365,400
10/14/14 0.3400 0.3600 0.3400 0.3550 +0.0100 +2.90% 260,700
10/13/14 0.3200 0.3450 0.3200 0.3450 +0.0350 +11.29% 413,400


Bottom Line:

Even though promoted penny stocks have lost quite a bit of luster since Awesome Penny Stocks went down last year and StockTips took over, IFAN stock stands a chance of churning similarly to how Virtus Oil and Gas Corp. (VOIL) has managed to avoid getting crushed. Although there is no way that Mintefor Investments Ltd. is truly going to budget $3,500,000 to promote IFAN stock, the reaction when the first PR gets issued will tell just how volatile the ticker is due to be over the next couple of weeks.

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