New Penny Stocks: American Graphite Technologies (GQHL)

Say hello everyone to the newest penny stock, American Graphite Technologies Inc. (GQHL), which is set to remove the “D” off the ticker tomorrow. After a name change from Green & Quality Home Life, Inc. and an increase in authorized capital from 75,000,000 to 200,000,000 shares, GQHL stock, currently at 0.85, is on the list of pre-promotion penny stocks to watch.

Update: GQHL was changed to AGIN shorty after this article was posted.

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GQHL Stock History

After filing their S-1 on August 10, 2010 as Green & Quality Home Life, Inc., the SEC eventually approved them on June 30, 2011 after the assistance of their legal council, De Joya Griffith & Company, LLC. This must have attracted the attention of Rick Walchuk, CEO and President of New America Energy Corp. (NECA) who is now also the President and Director of American Graphite Technologies Inc. A new addition to his legacy which also ties to First Liberty Power Corp. (FLPC).

Just looking into one document, a 2% secured note for $200,000, you come to find some of the major players like Konrad Malik of MacDonald Tuskey (LEXG, IDNG, VMPT, PKPL, PTAM), Fairhills Capital Offshore Ltd. (JAMN, LSTG, LBSR, BFLX), and Anslow & Jaclin, LLP whose list is too long to add. (See here)

About GQHL Stock

On May 23, 2012, Rick Walchuk, the sole director and officer of Green & Quality Home Life, Inc., acquired a total 12,000,000 shares of the Company’s common stock from Fabio Alexandre Narite, the Company’s former director and officer, in a private transaction for an aggregate total of $350,000. The funds used for this share purchase were Mr. Walchuk’s personal funds.  Mr. Walchuk’s 12,000,000 pre-split shares amount to approximately 98% of the Company’s currently issued and outstanding common stock.

See the SEC filings for GQHL here.

Bottom Line: GQHL is officially on the pre-promotion list of penny stocks to watch. With the forward stock split and obvious connections, the PPS monitoring begins as soon as the “D” is removed which should be Wednesday.

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