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Monday’s Skid Mark penny stock alert to follow up the Solo International, Inc. (SLIO) debacle and PacWest Equities Inc. (PWEID) handcuffing should be interesting. The Costa Rica based crew marked their territory by dropping Marine Drive Mobile Corp. (MDMC) on traders in July. Since it doesn’t really matter what the Company does, traders will be jumping in as soon as anyone, even the Mafia, issues out anything that appears to be the pick, as long as the header logo is there. But since MDMC stock, PWEID stock and SLIO stock, a one day pump and pull, are all traders have to go buy (yes the proper word would have been by), what should traders expect this time around and for how long?

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Marine Drive Mobile Corp. — 236.67% Maximum Gains

MDMC Stock Chart

Marine Drive Mobile Corp. engages in the development of transactional mobile commerce applications and services. There were 38,220,000 outstanding shares as of the date Victory Mark announced MDMC as their pick on July 23, yet 45,533,564 shares traded that day after opening at 0.15 and reaching as high as 0.32, a one-day gain of 113.33%. The stock peaked on August 6 at 0.505 before getting crushed to as low as 0.1802, closing at 0.225.

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PacWest Equities Corp. — 677.07% Maximum Pre-Split Gains

PWEI Stock Chart

(Chart reflects 3-for-1 stock split effected November 5)

PacWest Equities Inc. is focused on companies showing a positive upside while struggling to bring new technologies and unique products to market. Claiming to have a public float of 156,030,093 pre-split shares at the time the promotion began, 90,832,521 pre-split shares traded on alert day, October 9. PWEI opened at 0.157 before peaking at 0.22, a day-one maximum gain of 40.13%. From there, PWEI stock would just go nuts, getting hammered once, October 16, before climbing to as high as 1.22 on November 2, the last day to sell shares before being handcuffed into the stock split.

The shares held past the unexpected November 2nd close were privy to the 3-for-1 stock split.

Solo International, Inc. — 106.15% Maximum Gains

SLIO Stock Chart

Solo International, Inc., an exploration stage company, focuses on the acquisition, exploration, production, development, and operation of mining properties in Quebec, Canada. SLIO stock opened at 0.065, topped out at 0.134, a gain of 106.15% before Victory Mark pulled the plug on the pick prior to the close of trade. A total of 180,098,064 shares traded where as there were 288,200,000 total shares outstanding. The share price of SLIO never recovered.

What’s The Next Victory Mark Stock Alert?

As you can see from the three previous picks issued, the last one really pulling a classic jail rape, the hype on day one isn’t all the kool-aid that one can expect from an Awesome Penny Stocks pick. Are the chances of another “Donkey Punch” like SLIO headed traders way?

It’s highly unlikely considering the time left on the calendar to get something up and running before the Christmas break. That said, look for Monday to have so much volume, in comparison to the outstanding shares of the pick, that questioning the rational is not worth wasting brain cells on. Having only made three penny stock picks, its hard to gauge what Monday is worth.

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