Reunion?: Top 10 Penny Stocks Lists GWBU, SNPKE, NSRS?

The top 10 penny stocks from Wednesday, categorized by most trade activity, was like a class reunion with Great Wall Builders Ltd (OTC: GWBU) leading the list. Closing off the list in tenth was its pump and dump brother Sunpeaks Ventures Inc. (OTC: SNPKE) (fka SNPK). It’s not a comeback for the Clotamin cluster-bombers, but more likely a bunch of misinformed investors who realized that an “E” was added to the symbol after being stuck at 0.13 on their trading screens for over two weeks.

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Top 10 Penny Stocks: Most Actively Traded

Symbol Price Pct Chg $ Volume Volume Trades
GWBU 1.54 -9.94% 14,186,264 8,947,670 2,630
DOMK 1.60 -22.71% 1,895,446 1,088,875 876
RARS 0.1152 +31.66% 1,321,553 11,278,826 738
BMSN 0.0055 +111.54% 346,660 75,259,871 579
USEI 0.038 -17.39% 492,769 12,117,336 519
LQMT 0.34 +3.03% 1,566,267 4,754,700 485
IDNG 3.35 +3.40% 3,804,450 1,157,333 384
BRFH 0.625 +27.55% 502,292 862,570 380
AGRT 0.55 +4.76% 712,332 1,306,942 373
SNPKE 0.088 +15.64% 186,141 2,262,320 318

The pump and dump kings almost had a triple threat Wednesday on the top 10 most actively traded penny stocks list with GWBU, SNPKE or SNPK, and North Springs Resources Corp. (OTC: NSRS). $25,267 worth of NSRS stock traded in 78 executed trades on Wednesday closing down -3.23% at $0.03 on volume of 850,159 shares. Maybe in a month, Georgetown Corp. (OTC: GTCP) will be able to join them since it’s ready to go and GWBU is about ready to be dumped.

Bottom Line: These penny stocks should be on the active watchlist of daytraders looking to score points riding the momentum waves. It will be interesting to see how Liquidmetal Technologies (LQMT) reacts after the shareholder update call that was scheduled for after the market close.

Expect to see Rarus Technologies (RARS) continue to climb and DoMoark Intl. (DOMK) and their SolaPad continue to fall.

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