STEM Boom! 4 Members Made “5 Figures” TODAY!

32Trades Members Get It… Do You?


Hello Traders,

It’s been a pretty Awesome August for Members:

  • ARSN: .51 – 1.61 (215%)
  • ABWN: .30 – .73 (143%)
  • MINE: .0051 – .012 (135%)
  • FPVD: .0047 – .026 (453%)
  • WTII: .0005 – .0022 (340%)
  • EPSC: .001 – .008 (700%)

Today: STEM .477 – 2.99 (526%)


And how about the follow through from just two of our previous alerts:

  • UPLMQ: .18 – 4.67 (2494%)
  • EBIO: .30 – 5.55 (1757%)

Yeah, but as good as those are, the options trades have been even better.

Friday, Disney (DIS) posted a 10 bagger move, but… AliBaba (BABA) was unreal:

0.02 – 2.25 (11,150%) in under 4 hours

Today was awesome with every play from Monday working out perfectly:


How About BABA CALLS during lunch today?


Here’s the thing, if you never traded options before, don’t worry – neither did 95% of our members of which the 5 who began with a couple hundred bucks a few months ago that made 5 figures today.

  • We called the February 11 bottom on SPY
  • We called the BREXIT LEAVE
  • We called the BREXIT LEAVE bottom
  • We called this week’s SPY 219.50

If you’re still banging your head against .00X and .000X tickers based on “I spoke with the CEO, he said news is forthcoming soon,” maybe you need to see the smarter version of being a successful trader.

If you’re trading options and want an opportunity to trade with one of the better, more personal, more growth focused groups with better entry/exit strategies, this is right up your alley.

If you’re trading isn’t going anywhere and could use a good group atmosphere to work with for better results, 32 Trades is all it takes to go from the bottom to the top.

Take control of your future and you will not be disappointed

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