“Stoned” Is The New Rich – The Marijuana Millionaires

Wallstreeters are kicking their own asses for not taking the penny stocks in the marijuana sector seriously. The few (and yes, there are a few) who are AimHighProfits loyalists have baked their little $3,000 and $5,000 investments in Companies like Growlife, Inc. (PHOT) and GreenGro Technologies, Inc. (GRNH) into absolute fortunes. At their high’s today, anyone who took on PHOT stock or GRNH stock when we first alerted on them at under 0.05 each was able to have a chance of booking gains of 862% and 2,566%, respectively, making our next alert a real barn burner when it hits inboxes.

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Top 10 Marijuana Penny Stocks

Symbol Price % Change $ Volume Share Volume Trades
GRNH 0.81 +53.46% 53,782,546 68,470,412 15,935
PHOT 0.35 +50.11% 33,658,585 112,462,844 11,626
MDBX 53.10 -28.15% 92,640,933 1,476,599 10,110
HEMP 0.0695 +89.51% 13,121,409 188,376,188 6,979
CBIS 0.13 +31.67% 10,371,750 99,856,285 5,787
MJNA 0.187 +9.36% 8,570,250 46,787,794 4,601
ERBB 0.0119 +41.67% 7,640,380 653,328,612 4,342
AVTC 4.6802 +33.33% 13,179,631 2,394,867 4,188
SKTO 0.022 +159.04% 5,700,076 280,988,577 3,787
TRTC 0.375 +55.77% 8,611,455 25,781,371 3,396

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Since we at AimHighProfits issued our report on GRNH stock when it was trading at just $0.045, traders with the foresight were able to book as much as 2,566% when GRNH hit $1.20 early this morning. We were lauding GRNH yesterday morning for the wonderful better than 300% it had afforded our loyal readers and subscribers from our alert low of $0.045 (see here) to $0.185.

However, that was only a taste of what was in store after GRNH stock morphed into a hulking beast during Tuesday’s session as it pushed the envelope all day long, rocketing to a high of $0.55 – a whopping 1,122%.

A new player in the marijuana sector, IMD Companies, Inc. (ICBU), emerged late today, jumping from no activity until 3PM to ending the session up 0.0097 (63.40%) at $0.025 on volume of 1,485,511. The Company announced in mid-December plans to become a player in the fast-growing Medical Marijuana sector with negotiations already having taken place with several potential acquisition candidates in this industry.

ICBU stock only has 161,405,162 shares outstanding as of September 30, 2013 (a float of just 8,942,512) and hangs its hat atop the shoulders of President and CEO Bruce Collett. Having been booking revenues all of 2013 ($328,875 for the 9 months ended September 30, 2013) by way of health and fitness nutraceutical and medical diagnostics services, shifting into something with pot should send the shares running as if it was being chased by the police.

So, GRNH now gets to join the company of other alerts we issued earlier than anyone else like:

AAL: 0.32 – 27.40   8,462% (formerly AAMRQ)
FNMA: 0.29 – 5.44  1,775%
FMCC: 0.29 – 5.00  1,620%
GRLT: 0.27 – 5.95   2,103%
LOTE: 0.23 – 6.25   2,588%

With 2,566% added to a long list of 10- and 20-baggers in the books, our new alert, due to come out within hours, could have the same long-term gains as GreenGro Technologies did. Keep a close eye out for it and prepare to keep on booking those gains!

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About GRNH Stock

Greengro Technologies Inc. designs, manufactures and markets eco-friendly sustainable vertical cultivation systems. The Company is a world class provider of green technologies with specific domain expertise in indoor and outdoor agricultural science systems serving both the consumer and commercial farming markets.

Click here to view the financial filings for GRNH.
Click here to view the website for GreenGro Technologies.

Last 5 Trading Sessions:

Date Open High Low Last Change % Change Volume
01/08/14 0.6200 1.2000 0.5000 0.7980 +0.2780 +53.46% 68,463,500
01/07/14 0.2115 0.5500 0.2100 0.5200 +0.3360 +182.61% 60,304,797
01/06/14 0.1385 0.1850 0.1250 0.1840 +0.0800 +76.92% 46,704,398
01/03/14 0.0919 0.1240 0.0910 0.1040 +0.0301 +40.73% 20,120,699
01/02/14 0.0450 0.0795 0.0450 0.0739 +0.0299 +67.95% 11,288,000


Bottom Line:

This Friday, sellers are likely to take control of the marijuana penny stocks which have been on a spectacular run since the ball fell in Times Square New Year’s Eve. They aren’t done, but these valuations by which they are trading just simply can’t continue to support themselves this high (no pun intended). As revenue bookers, PHOT and GRNH will continue to be favorites here, but dips are sure to come so patience is best if you missed out.

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