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TAGG, TagLikeMeNow that shares have risen 1,339% since the beginning of 2012, investors are finally starting to pay attention to the penny stock of  TagLikeMe Corp. (TAGG). Trading began to pick up in June just after the Company acquired Glob Media, a company that connects online users with others while looking for online information and makes it easier for them to collect and share it. Since then, TAGG stock price has risen from 0.02 in June to as high as 0.20 and traders are liking it.

TAGG needs to be on your list of penny stocks to watch immediately!

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TAGG stock, TagLikeMe Corp.TAGG Stock Chart

Market Cap: 31.44M
Last: 0.09, down -0.05  (-5.26%)
Volume: 29,935
Authorized: 333,333,330
Issued and Outstanding: 330,940,630
Stock Split: 5-for-1 on July 24, 2012

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TagLikeMe Corp. is relatively fresh to traders isnce they just completed their acquisition of Glob Media a few months ago and have never been a pumped penny stock. Evne better is, unless the company makes a change to their authorized capital, there will be no stock dilution which is part of the force driving the share price up since June.

The driving force behind this british based company really is Richard Elliot-Square, President and CEO of TagLikeMe. Fr the last two decades, Richard has been an investment banker based in London, Vancouver and Zurich specializing in the introduction of investment banking and venture capital projects. If this isnt the kind of person you want running your corporation, then you shouldn;t be investing in the stock market.

Recently, Richard has successfully restructured and gotten funding for several publicly traded companies in the U.K. and North America. The reason this holds significant value is because TagLikeMe is an internet media and digital information technology company. As many well know, they require significant funding to launch their products and/or services into the mainstream, when successful, thy can pay of huge dividends to early investors.

The one main reason why this could actually be a huge internet winner is based on the theory: “Opinions are like Schpincters, everyone has one.”

Since TagLikeMe is not a search engine, nor does it intend to become one, the fact that it’s a hybrid site the Company calls a “Common Information Network” where the Company leverages the existing search capabilities of major search engines, cross references the search information with real population remarks from major social and wiki networks, while giving its users the capability to collect, publish, share or collaborate their search information with whomever they choose in a public or private manner. Its a long way to say they search all the places and collect it all into one hub and let people share what they found in a $17 billion industry.

As more and more users collect and tag search results, management believes that the Company will ultimately become a destination where people can look for already filtered and shared web information as well as connect, message and interact with other people searching for the same information as them. As mre and more traders find out about TAGG stock, the PPS could see itself trending back to the June 20 cent high.

About TAGG Stock

TagLikeMe, Corp. recently announced that they are moving their shared social search site, TagLikeMe.com to Apple’s iOS platform to fully integrate its product into the largest mobile platform in the world. TAGG management expects to launch the new iOS/iPad mobile app version of TagLikeMe in Q4 2012.

Click here to view the SEC filings for TAGG.

Bottom Line: TAGG should be on the list of penny stocks to watch for those who trade social media stocks and those who are looking for a early entry point. Iphones are just now leaving the shelves and being unwrapped which means that the Company’s Q4 launch of their social serchs site could see an end of the year surge in TAGG stock price.

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