Top 10 List Gets Two New Penny Stocks: EWRL, AXLX

An unanticipated boom is quietly sweeping its way across the globe as the sound of sell orders on Great Wall Builders Ltd. (GWBU) stock hits trading platforms. The dump is officially over and now its up to the day trading momentum to keep it at its current level. The banner is officially off the website that was responsible for the bags of GWBU stock investors are stuck with.

The race is now officially on for which  of GWBU, SNPK, NSRS or AMWI makes it to “triple zero” status.

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Top Penny Stocks Traded a/o 12:45pm Tuesday

Symbol Price Pct Chg $ Volume Volume Trades
GWBU 0.315 -4.55% 1,475,444 5,249,700 1,287
EWRL 0.5102 +216.89% 1,699,425 3,304,517 740
NVIV 2.42 +1.68% 1,933,914 769,205 522
CAST 0.45 -45.12% 1,695,880 3,447,580 511
LUXR 0.35 -42.62% 708,536 1,713,975 472
IMSC 1.26 +9.57% 619,823 511,777 297
AXLX 0.0029 -30.95% 120,296 26,561,791 287
IDNGD 0.51 +24.39% 392,841 794,020 257
ICPA 0.0265 -3.64% 253,445 10,420,132 256
UBRG 0.0115 -4.17% 104,825 8,603,195 232

Green Energy Renewable Solutions’ EWRL has joined the party for the next few days. The “one and done” stock gapped up to open at .29 offering really only a gain of 75.93% for those who actually got the alert at 9:30 this morning.

Beyond that, ChinaCast Education Corp.’s CAST stock was exactly that: cast out of the Nasdaq exchange for fraud and misleading press releases. Getting into CAST is like sticking your hand into that weird meteor rock from the 80’s movie classic Flash Gordon.

Independence Energy’s IDNGD is rebounding after another number was announced in the press release bingo tent on the south quadrant of the carnival grounds. “BCareful” was pulled and announced over the loudspeaker as the bounce on the stock is a cat whose used 8 of its lives on GWBU.

Universal Bioenergy’s  UBRG is making its quarterly appearance on the top 10 list. Its plans to grow a Billion dollar Company in next 2 to 5 years are as likely as the Chicago Cubs actually winning a World Series in that same time frame: NO SHOT!

Bottom Line: These penny stocks represent the top of the list for what you, the traders of the world have chosen to represent you. GWBU is again crowned victorious as the most actively traded while EWRL hands the POS the large bouquet of roses as it sits in 2nd place holding back he tears. Seriously though, trade the hell out of these 2 and get every penny you can fight for, then leave the dishes in the sink for someone else to wash.

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