Top 5 OTC Penny Stocks led by Sunpeaks Ventures (SNPK)

Another amazing day in the penny market as the stock price of Sunpeaks Ventures (OTC: SNPK) leads the way pushing past $2 a share. Shares in the OTC penny stocks of SEFE, Stevia First (STVF), Cannabis Science (CBIS) and LuxeYard (LUXR) round off the top 5 most traded thus far.

For weeks the well-known promotion of the Clotamin owners, Sunpeaks Ventures, has been highlighting the daily news with talks of SNPKgoing to $9. The air is about as thin as Clotamin can make it as the penny stock promo was supposed to have eneded last week but is still pumping new blood into a group of shareholders who are likely to soon be left for big losses.

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Top 5 OTC Penny Stocks Traded

Stock Quote Pct Chg $ Volume Volume Trades
SNPK 2.23 +13.78% 18,651,822 8,830,291 3,449
SEFE 1.49 +7.97% 3,853,756 2,666,260 932
STVF 1.50 -11.24% 1,846,385 1,219,609 686
CBIS 0.121 -12.32% 1,054,317 8,814,187 636
LUXR 1.12 +15.82% 1,560,058 1,470,445 625


SEFE is right in line to take the place of SNPK when the bottom drop out of it as the promo producing raving reviews for the patent filer has $2 million plus behind it. Stevia First (STVF) and Cannabis Science (CBIS) take the 3rd and 5th place positions as both are trading heavy as usual based on the possibility that they can produce something tangible in the future.

LuxeYard made its debut on the leader-board of the top 10 most traded penny stocks yesterday with its 10-K filing. Be careful since of the 5 listed otc penny stocks listed, LUXR reported revenues for December that are more than 10x the revenues reported by the other 4 combined for the whole Q4.

Bottom Line: All 5 of these OTC stocks, SNPK, SEFE, STVF, CBIS and LUXR, should be on your list of penny stocks to watch. All have trends of producing big numbers in volume, dollar amounts traded and number of executed trades which makes them safe from the standpoint of being able to find sellers and buyers.

Are they good penny stocks to buy and should you buy SNPK, SEFE, STVF, CBIS, RSRS or LUXR at their current price?  Consult your financial advisor for that answer. Each of these stocks has been profiled more than once here and can be viewed by clicking on their ticker symbol in blue above.

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