Why AimHighProfits Subscribers Make Money On Penny Stocks

As everyone knows, penny stocks are publicly traded stocks under $5. What everyone does not know is which ones are good penny stocks to buy and which ones are pump and dumps. Although these companies typically have a small market capitalization, there are a few valued at over a billion dollars.

While penny stocks are seen as risky by some investors, other investors cherish them and see them as a means of consistently making profits. This leads to the question: Which are the hot penny stocks and how do I find them?

The answer: Penny Stock Alerts

Finding the right subscription based penny stock alert service is all about due diligence and performance history.  For example; we at AimHighProfits screen hundreds of companies a month and when we report on one of them, we include all the data we would use when making an investment as well as links to the sources of that data so you, the investor, can verify it for yourself.

Many “Hot Stock Alerts” are simply out there for the money. Yes the money. Small companies don’t have the ability to run a 30 second Super Bowl commercial or waste valuable company resources on mute advertising that may bring one or two investors who just happen to be browsing and see a “click ad” on some random website. Hence, they depend on companies like AimHighProfits to make aware their information to investors which, in turn, raises the public awareness of their company.

The stock market, chat rooms and message boards are full of individuals who believe there is more luck than there is skill involved in making a large profit on penny stock trades. Although it is true that no one knows the future, this claim could not be further form the truth even though the wisest and most informed traders are sometimes wrong.

Stocks operate within a set of logical parameters; P/E raitos, P/B raitos and YOY Growth to name a few. However, these particular parameters do not necessarily affect penny stocks since most good penny stocks are simply short on cash and in need of a chance to sell some of their companies stock in order to pursue the goals the company is focused on.

The negative side to penny stocks are the, all to popular, pump and dumps.

When a penny stock alert is issued on a company that changed its vision from oil and gas exploration into becoming a technology company driven to design the next app for Apple’s iphone, alarm bells should go off. They typically don’t because investors do not have the time to research a stock in detail on their own and base their investment decisions on color graphics, youtube videos uploaded and momentum in the given penny stock.

Where we differ is that we don’t deny that money can be made on a pump and dump by an investor. In fact, we do what is best for the subscribers which is to inform them of the company prior to the public awareness campaign when we screen movements in a penny stock company. Furthermore, we continue to monitor the stock and keep our subscribers informed via Tweets, posts to our news section and email alerts.

Subscribers knew about Amwest Imaging (AMWI) a week before the stock took off and saw as much as 711% profit before we alerted them of the soon-to-happen dump. North Springs Resources (NSRS) was posted before the holidays in 2011 and subscribers saw as much as 2,347% before we blanketed them with warnings of the coming dump.

Recent hot penny stock Cannabis Science (CBIS) was profiled her in early January when it was under 3 cents a share and investors saw 740% before we informed them about the possibility of a coming crash in the stock price. CBIS may not be back at the 3 cent level it was in January, but subscribers had the chance to secure profits at 24.5 cents with our alert rather than hold it today at less than half that price.

Bottom Line:  Penny Stock Investors need to be protected. Making money is what is all about. When subscribers are treated correctly, they will secure their investment as best as possible rather than the “smash and grab” pumpers that are using their public awareness money only to seek out new penny stock investors since their existing subscribers have lost faith.

Subscribe to AimHighProfits today and make a difference in the penny stocks you choose and the decisions you make.


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