Will Maria And Kim Cover BLBK, GBEN, PRTN and LBGO

Maria Bartiromo, CNBC Closing BellLegendary investment babe, the Money Honey Maria Bartiromo, will have Kim Kardashian as a guest on CNBC’s Closing Bell to pump BOLDFACE Group (BLBK). Three companies you can be sure that will not make it onto the show this afternoon are Global Resources Energy (GBEN), Pristine Solutions (PRTN) and Liberty Gold Corp. (LBGO). All four of the penny stocks are in pump mode for Wednesday and, other than a rebound on Eaton Scientific Systems’ new Tropine 3 fluff, the other 3 are better suited for watching rather than trading unless you can sneak in the backdoor for a quickie.

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BLBK, BLBK stock, BOLDFACE Group, Kim KardashianBLBK Stock Chart

Market Cap: 23.00M
Close: 0.27, down -0.025 (-8.47%)
Volume: 24,495
High: 0.30
Low: 0.26
Trades: 16
Average Trade Size: 1,530
Authorized: 300,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 85,200,116

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About BLBK Stock

BOLDFACE Group, Inc. (BLBK), a company engaged in the business of licensing top tier entertainment, celebrity and designer brands for opportunities in the beauty market through its operating subsidiary, BOLDFACE Licensing + Branding, announced early Wednesday monring that its CEO, Nicole Ostoya, will appear with Kim Kardashian on CNBC’s Closing Bell with Maria Bartiromo, on Wednesday, September 5, 2012, at 4:40 PM EDT to discuss the relationship between the Kardashian sisters and BOLDFACE relating to the development and launch of the Kardashian™ Khroma Beauty line.

GBEN, GBEN Stock, Global Resource Energy, MyCroft Fuel CellGBEN Stock Chart

Market Cap: 16.30M
Close: 0.229, up 0.019 (9.05%)
Volume: 20,000
High: 0.229
Low: 0.21
Trades: 2
Average Trade Size: 10,000
Authorized: 250,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 71,170,997

About GBEN Stock

As of 7:15am Wednesday, the last news from Global Resource Energy, Inc. (GBEN) were claims from an August 14 PR of  further expansion into clean energy by signing a Letter of Intent to sell 49% of its exclusive North American Distribution of CLED Street Lights Rights to Balon Bleu Holdings LLC.

The only thing that makes this Awesome Penny Stocks connected pump and dump special is that the company claimed to have acquired an innovative hydrogen fuel cell technology license, the Mycroft Fuel Cell® Technology, that shows extraordinary promise in early stage testing. The President of Medusa Space, Rich Glover, issued a press release on August 16 stating that Atrius Holdings, LLC and Global Resource Energy, Inc. have failed to close contractually with Medusa Space for Mycroft Technology and that the contract was terminated.

PRTN, PRTN Stock, Pristine Solutions, Tropine 3PRTN Stock Chart

Market Cap: 101.20M
Close: 0.2421, down -0.1679 (-40.95%)
Volume: 28,324,344
High: 0.419
Low: 0.17
Trades: 3,052
Average Trade Size: 9,280
Authorized: 650,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 418,000,686

About PRTN Stock

Late Tuesday evening, Eaton Scientific Systems, Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Pristine Solutions Inc., issued a press release  stating that the Company has entered into an agreement with RoxSan Pharmacy Inc. to provide continued specialized compound prescription of Homatropine in a novel oral suspension, Tropine 3, to support planned FDA compliant Clinical trial participants.

Pristine Solutions, Inc. (PRTN), through its wholly-owned subsidiary company, Eaton Scientific Systems, Ltd., holds the intellectual property and global marketing rights to Tropine 3, a patent pending novel indication of an existing FDA approved drug for the non-hormonal treatment of hot flashes in pre-menopausal, pari-menopausal, and post-menopausal women.

LBGO Stock, LBGO, Liberty Gold Corp.LBGO Stock Chart

Market Cap: 52.96M
Close: 0.60, up 0.04 (7.14%)
Volume: 45,555
High: 0.64
Low: 0.55
Trades: 64
Average Trade Size: 711
Authorized: 250,000,000
Issued and Outstanding: 88,270,833

About LBGO Stock

As of 7:15am Wednesday, the last news from Liberty Gold Corp. (LBGO) was dated August 21 claiming is positive results following initial sampling and processing for visible gold on the Company’s Domestic Portfolio, a 100% interest in the 794-acre Domestic Portfolio mining operations claim block, situated in the Cerbat Mountain range.

Liberty Gold Corp. is a gold and precious metals exploration company focused on emerging as an industry leader while effectively growing America’s reserves of gold and silver.

Bottom Line: These four penny stocks are in the spotlight for hump day on this shortened trading week. Too bad FROG and BBDA aren’t also featured with Kim and Maria today with their celebrity hotties Jennifer Lopez and Pamela Anderson. That’s a penny stock day trading voyeur’s wet dream right there.

Other than a bounce for a typical APS style run on PRTN, the other three, LBGO, BLBK and GBEN can be pushed aside like that stack of hard mailers you’ve been receiving on all of the next hot penny stocks. Open ’em already – what are you waiting for?

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